Home Theater and Media Room

Imagine the possibilities of a custom home theater setup. First Priority Audio, Inc. offers incredible features including specialized acoustics, big screens, lighting, drapery, carpet, luxurious seating, and simple-to-use remotes to control audio video equipment. Whether you want a deluxe home theater and media room with all the bells and whistles or a simple but efficient home theater system, First Priority Audio. can provide you with what you need. Our home theaters are tailored to fit any residential space with ease.

Distributed Audio Video System

We offer whole home audio systems that provide music throughout your entire home, allowing you to access music from any source or location easily. Whether you’re inside or outside, your home audio will be distributed directly to you. Select from an assortment of music options such as your personal collection, internet radio, streaming services like Pandora and Deezer, satellite radio, and more. From stand alone systems like Sonos to completely integrated solutions, FPA has you covered.
You can easily control any of your video sources with simple to use remote controls, smartphones, or tablets. Enhance your video system experience with individual and highly personalized settings. Meanwhile, the equipment is easily accessible and concealed neatly in a single discreet location.

Available for personal and professional use!

Universal Remote Control

With more equipment comes more remotes, and keeping up with how to use each one is frustrating. A professionally programmed universal remote solves that problem.
Is there more than 1 remote on your coffee table or nightstand? More than 1 is too many.  Remembering how to use each remote and what to turn on first and which button to press second can be a frustrating experience… let’s not even talk about teaching your family and friends how to use it!
A professionally programmed universal remote can reduce all your remotes to a single device, and best of all, all your button presses to a single button press to start an experience.  Imagine just having to press a single button named “Watch TV” and have all your equipment turn on in just the right way, and could even dim your lights and lower your shades.

Now that’s control!

Marine Audio and Video

Your home systems don’t have to stay at home when you’re traveling.  From lighting control, A/V distribution, to full automation… FPA has the right solution for your yacht.
The team at First Priority Audio is proud to service marine vessels. Offering one-on-one consultations, we will visit your vessel for a thorough analysis. Our marine services include lighting control, audio/video distribution, security, automation, universal remote controls, networking/WiFi and more. We are happy to update antiquated equipment and repair anything that is broken or not functioning properly.