AV System & Home Theater Design

The first step in any successful home project is proper planning. The same is true for AV and home theater design. You wouldn’t build your new home without blueprints, or undertake a home remodel without architectural drawings. So why would you “wing it” when it comes to AV and low voltage systems? Blueprints provide a record and history of all the systems in your home and you should have that same record for your low voltage system. Times are changing, and home technology is at the forefront of those changes. Knowing how your home is wired, and where those wires are located allows you to get the most out of the tech in your life.

Our system designs are detailed, comprehensive, and consider all possible options. Designing your systems on paper allow you to visualize where equipment will be within the home. It is much easier to move a drawing on paper than it is to move the physical equipment once it is installed in the home. Proper system design will save time and money on every project. First Priority Audio system engineers will put all the details on paper for proper documentation. This documentation includes wire diagrams, system schematics, rack elevations, and more. We would be happy to show you examples of our designs upon request. FPA offers a wide variety of design consulting to suit your specific project needs. Whether you’re interested in extensive home automation projects, dedicated home theater design, or simple solutions, we can handle it. FPA will sit down with you and make sure that our designs fit your lifestyle with an emphasis on ease of use. Our design consulting services include, but are not limited to, completely customized lighting control systems, home networking with WiFi, structured cabling, speaker layout and positioning, dedicated home theater, and much more. We take our clients’ input seriously and guarantee your satisfaction.