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Home Network Installation Service

Over the last few years we have seen a dramatic increase in our dependence on the home network. Streaming services for TV, movies, and music have become the norm and they are growing even more popular. Beyond just streaming at our TV’s, we demand a strong home wifi signal for our mobile devices.

Everything is moving to the “cloud” and your home needs to be prepared for this shift. A professional home network installation starts with the infrastructure… the network wiring. Although most devices connect to the home wifi, the best home network design would limit the dependency on wireless signals.  FPA believes in hard wiring any and all devices that can be physically connected to the network. Thus leaving wireless connections for mobile devices like phones and laptops only.  This allows hard wired devices, like smart TV’s and Apple TV’s, to have the fastest and most reliable connections in the home network.  Because of their physical connection to the network, they use the full speed and bandwidth. You should use all the speed you pay your provider for, not just a fraction. This means no more buffering!

Home WiFi

The days of having a single home wifi router provide reliable coverage for the entire home are over.  There are just too many devices scattered across the home to expect a DIY product to provide the speed and strength we now demand.  FPA strategically designs your home network using the latest technology  to determine the best location for your home wifi equipment.  We combine multiple wireless access points throughout your home to provide seamless coverage. This allows you to roam about your home without signal loss!

The future is here, and everything from our doorbells and smart phones to laptops and smart homes rely on the home network. This is the foundation of all your home’s technology and you can trust FPA to provide a professional home network installation service.

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