Bollard Speaker in the foreground with Outdoor TV in gazebo

Landscape Music

Being that the weather in South Florida is so great, we should enjoy it with some landscape music. Listen to your music collection and audio streaming services outside by the BBQ, pool, or dock. Start with completely weather proof solutions in a variety of options that blend into any landscape. If you really want to rock, consider adding a subwoofer for added bass in your outdoor entertainment system. If your idea of enjoying music outside is a small bluetooth speaker, you are really missing out. No more calls to your cell phone interrupting your music playback, or your bluetooth signal being out of reach. With a professionally designed & installed landscape music system you can enjoy crystal clear audio from anywhere in the yard. Trust FPA to design and install the perfect landscape music system for your home!

Outdoor Entertainment System

But an outdoor entertainment system isn’t just music anymore. From a simple outdoor TV setup to a complete outdoor theater, FPA has a solution for you. Weatherproof TV’s or motorized weatherproof TV lifts allow you to enjoy video entertainment anywhere outdoors. Traditionally, outdoor TV’s were cost prohibitive for most home owners. But, new technology has brought these prices down to much more affordable levels. As a result, you can now have a super bright display without glare issues that come with a standard TV outdoors.

Even more, have FPA install an outdoor home theater complete with projector solutions and surround sound systems for the ultimate South Florida outdoor entertainment system. Add landscape lighting to set the perfect ambiance for entertaining outdoors. Moreover, you want your mobile devices to stay connected to your home wifi when in your backyard. Adding an outdoor wireless access point will extend your home network even further. Finally, FPA will make it all simple to use by integrating it into your smart home system

Outdoor TV Covered Patio