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Smart Home Lighting Control

Smart home lighting is a pretty big buzz word lately. With so many smart home lights available to purchase in stores, it must be overwhelming for home owners. Fortunately you can turn to FPA. We have been designing and installing lighting control systems for well over a decade. With the increase in LED lighting, lighting control has become more challenging. Proper planning and installation is essential to minimize flickering and create smooth dimming.

With a smart home lighting control system you can create the perfect scene with the press of a single button. Never walk into a dark home again! Create just the right lighting for every event in the home. Looking to be more energy efficient? A lighting control system can help you achieve just that. FPA can program the lights in your home to never turn on to 100%, automatically saving energy. Also, by creating multi light scenes, you can use most of your lights in a dimmed setting. Lighting plays a huge role in the aesthetic and feel of your home, and smart home lights can help recreate that feeling day after day.

Retrofit Smart Home Lights

Smart home lighting isn’t just for new construction homes. FPA can retrofit your existing lighting system and give you all the same benefits. Swap out any switch or dimmer with smart lighting and you’re on your way. Start with as few or as many lights as you wish.  You don’t have to change out your entire home from the start. Even add keypads to your existing home without having to rewire.

By adding a lighting control system to your smart home, you can really enjoy the benefits. By having multiple systems controlled by your smart home we can program your keypad buttons to do practically anything. Imagine coming home from work, pressing a single button by the front door and having your lights come on, your motorized shades open, and your favorite music station start playing. Now that’s smart!

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