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3 Unusual Whole-Home Audio Hacks to Try


Get Creative with Your Audio Distribution System and Thank Us Later!

Though we enjoy all home and commercial projects we install for Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses, it’s hard to rival the sheer joy we bring our customers when we complete one particular project – a whole-home audio installation.

One of the reasons this setup delights customers is that it offers so many choices. Today’s customers can stream virtually any music they want to play and in more genres than previous generations would have ever imagined. South Florida homeowners with distributed audio can use it to celebrate diverse music tastes by each playing separate songs throughout the house, or unify dinner parties with a relaxing tune emanating from every area.

Whole-home audio does even more, though, as you’ll learn in this blog. Keep reading to discover some of its more unusual applications and what First Priority Audio can do to bring these ideas to life!


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Connect a Turntable or CD Player!

Old meets new when you blend sophisticated audio distribution with the music you’ve been collecting for decades. Many of us miss the good old days of listening to music from retro devices, so we think you'll be delighted that these once-antique music players are making a comeback.

Those old favorites, from blues to rock and roll, will sound better than ever by synching your turntable to the audio receiver, which many people argue is the best way to hear the oldies tracks. We’ll hook up a multi-zone receiver to give you flexible use of where to direct this sound. We can wire your turntable specifically for your dedicated listening room, or set it up to play the same record in every room of your house. Can you imagine how much fun a retro dance party could be with the second option?


Enhance Holiday Magic

We’re sure that you’ve enjoyed outdoor audio on a beautiful summer day, perhaps at a friend’s pool party. But what can you do during colder seasons?

Have you ever thought about playing around with sound effects or music to elevate any holiday festivity? For example, level up your Halloween decorations with creepy audio or choice horror film soundtrack. Turn heads for passersby every Christmas by playing holiday classics to accompany your lighting design.


Revive Bathrooms

2019 seemed to be the year where the buzzword “self-care” took off, and here’s hoping 2020 becomes the year in which we all live it. If you’re someone who likes to treat yourself with bath salts and massages, why not bring a spa-like feel to your own bathroom? One good start is to add an audio zone to your bathroom, so you can kick back to some Zen music.

If you spend time getting ready, you might as well make it count. Maybe showering in the morning helps you power up your day, so stream something motivating like rock ballads or hip-hop power anthems.


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