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5 Commercial Lighting Ideas for Your South Florida Business

An upscale restaurant illuminated by a layered commercial lighting design.

Not Sure How to Improve Your Lighting? Start Here. 

Does your business need better lighting? If your restaurant, store, or office still uses dull fluorescent or plain recessed lights, it’s time for a lighting makeover.  

As LED lighting and smart technology evolve, modern businesses have never had so many lighting options. But with all these choices available, the key is knowing where to look for the best results.

Whether you’re building a new commercial space from the ground up or are renovating, a new lighting system will transform the way people experience your business. After all, if people love ‘the vibes’ in your Fort Lauderdale restaurant or store, they’ll be much more likely to return in the future. 

Here are five commercial lighting ideas to get you started! 

Continue reading vs. Alexa: Which Home Voice Assistant Is Best?

A voice device mounted on the wall.

Comparing Amazon’s Alexa & Voice Control 

Are you interested in voice control for your smart home? Voice is one of the most convenient ways to control audio, TVs, lighting, and thermostats. And when paired with a smart home system like Control4, your voice assistant can do much more than tell you the weather or play a song. It can lower the window shades, lock doors, and transform the mood in seconds. 

But which voice assistant is the best? Alexa is likely the most famous voice assistant on the market, but relative newcomer was built specifically for smart home control

So who wins in the battle of vs. Alexa? Let’s compare each voice assistant’s strengths and weaknesses so you can find the right option for your Fort Lauderdale home. 

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Top 10 Commands to Use with Josh Voice Control

Man speaking to voice control assistant mounted on the kitchen wall.

Making Your Smart Home Even Smarter with

Historically, voice assistants have been, well, a bit disappointing. But that all changes with, the voice assistant built specifically for home control.  

What sets apart from other voice assistants is its unwavering commitment to user privacy, deep understanding of natural language, and remarkable context awareness. Unlike other voice-controlled systems, doesn't share your personal data, ensuring your privacy is always protected. It's designed to grasp the nuances of how people naturally speak, making interactions more human-like. 

Moreover, excels at context awareness, understanding the flow of conversations, and keeping track of your preferences. Josh is faster than other voice assistants and experiences 20.4% lower error rates compared to other voice devices like Alexa and Google Home.  

Earlier this year, released its ten most popular voice commands used by homeowners. As a home technology installer based in Lighthouse Point, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about recent developments with Josh. Let’s see how people are already using Josh voice control—and how you can, too! 

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The Best Way to Control Lights with Voice

Man leaning on kitchen counter next to a voice controller.

Getting Started with Voice-Activated Lighting 

Have you ever been cozy in bed, only to realize the light across the room is still on? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply ask the room to turn off the light for you? 

Voice-activated lights empower homeowners to adjust lighting hands-free, dimming smart bulbs, or adjusting colors through quick and simple requests. But there’s an entire market of smart lights and voice assistants out there. How can you know what solutions are best? 

We’re a smart home installer based in the Palm Beach, FL, area. Here’s our advice on getting started with voice-activated lights. 

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Embrace Fall with Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

A family sitting on the patio watching a baseball game on the TV while dad makes food on a small grill.

A Guide to Outdoor Entertainment in Florida

Fall in South Florida is a season of opportunity. The mild temperatures and beautiful sunsets make it the perfect time to embrace the outdoors. Luxury homeowners with spacious outdoor areas have a unique chance to transform these spaces into an entertainment haven. Imagine watching your favorite football games or hosting movie nights under the stars while enjoying the gentle Florida breeze. This dream can become a reality with the right weatherproof outdoor TV and professional installation. Here's how to make the most of Florida's beautiful fall season. 

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