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Lagging Ruining Online Gaming? How to Fix Your Home Network


Improve Your Network & Keep Up with Other Players 

If you partake in online gaming, whether it’s on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you know how important network connection is. The game doesn’t wait for you if it lags, putting you at a significant disadvantage if your Wi-Fi speeds can’t handle the bandwidth required. 

Internet service providers only offer standardized networking services for the mass market. So, even if you’re renting a router with the highest speeds available for purchase, it may not be enough to support gaming and streaming across your house.

By hiring an integrator to upgrade your home network, you can play any game at the smooth speeds you desire. Let’s look at how a professional home network installation works, why it’s crucial for gaming, and how you can upgrade your network in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Why Your Gaming Audio Sounds Uneven (& How to Fix It)


Bring Home Theater Sound to Your Gaming Experience 

Have you noticed that when you play video games, the sound is completely uneven? If you turn up the volume to hear environmental details like footsteps and background music, action scenes are far too loud the next moment. Then, when you turn down the volume, you’re unable to hear all the background sounds that make games feel immersive and lifelike. 

If this is the case for your gaming setup, it sounds like you need better speakers, headphones, or an improved audio format. 

As a home theater installer in Palm Beach, FL, we help homeowners improve their movie-watching and gaming experiences through state-of-the-art AV installations. Here are our tips for better home theater gaming audio.  

Tech Guide: How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Setup


Explore Curved TVs, Video Projectors & More 

Whether for kids or adults, gaming can be as immersive and high-quality as watching movies in a home theater. With the right audio, visual, and network technologies, you can significantly enhance the experience for your PlayStation, Xbox, and more. 

As an audio-video integrator for the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, we know what it takes to create a next-level gaming system. From TVs to video projector setups, here’s our guide to creating top-notch gaming this summer. 

Pros & Cons of Hardwired vs. Mesh Home Networks


Which Method Is Best for Reliable, Speedy Internet? 

Nowadays, a strong internet connection is essential in every room of the house. We rely on Wi-Fi and the internet to communicate, stream music, TV, and movies, and even control smart devices. 

Unfortunately, most routers from internet service providers are low-quality and can’t reach every area of your property. To solve this, you can expand your network in one of two ways: 

  • Install hardwired access points that connect to the main router and broadcast signals to new areas.  
  • Create a mesh network with a group of wireless devices that relay data by "meshing" together rather than connecting through a central access point. 

Still confused? Unsure which is best? Let’s compare both mesh and wired home networking systems to help you find the right option in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

A Guide to Digital Outdoor Lighting Control


Discover Digital Control for Landscape Lighting Systems 

In our last blog post, we wrote about the benefits of digital lighting control compared to centralized lighting systems. But hang on—what does that mean? 

Centralized lighting is the original method for creating multi-room lighting control systems. Lighting groups are created through wiring that controls lights at the circuit and zone level—rather than individual light fixtures. Lights in a centralized system may not have built-in intelligence, and to make any grouping changes, you’d need to rewire the system. 

Alternatively, digital lighting control systems don’t require a central panel as a middleman between control systems and light fixtures. Instead, smart LED lights have their own digital address that can be individually controlled and adjusted through your smart home interface. Reconfiguring zones and groups is all done digitally—not physically with wiring. 

And digital lighting control isn’t restricted to the indoors. You can digitally control your outdoor lighting design with high-end smart LED fixtures and control systems. Let’s look at how it works and will enhance your outdoor lighting in Parkland, FL. 

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