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My Room Has Floor-to-Ceiling Windows. How Do I Install a TV?


Technology Tricks for Tricky TV Installations 

In most living spaces, it’s straightforward enough to install a TV. You’ll either mount it flush to the wall or perch it on a TV stand at an appropriate viewing angle. 

But what about rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows or doors? How can you mount a television without permanently blocking the view outside? 

Glass walls are beautiful, especially when there’s lush, oceanside Florida scenery like here in the Hypoluxo area. But they pose a challenge for TV and projector setups. So if you’re stumped, here’s how a professional TV installation can solve this problem. 

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Which Bang & Olufsen Speakers Are Right for Your Home?

Bang & Olufsen cream-colored Beolab 90 floorstanding speakers with a TV in between.

Discover Powerful & Unique Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 

First Priority Audio is thrilled to announce we are now a certified dealer for Bang & Olufsen speakers. As one of the top names in luxury audio, you’ll now be able to find all their high-end speakers at our AV company in Parkland, Florida. 

Since 1925, the Danish speaker manufacturer has transformed how people listen to music at home. They created the first mass-produced radio that could be plugged into the wall without requiring a battery. A century later, Bang & Olufsen is still bringing incredible innovation to their home speakers. 

Each of Bang & Olufsen’s speaker models can serve a unique and specific purpose. Whether you’re building a surround sound system for your home theater or looking for a stylish way to play music across the house, here are the perfect solutions. 

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Lutron Shades Offer Beauty and Effortless Control of Daylight

A sunroom with tan shades half drawn over windows with a couch and coffee table in the foreground.

Visit Our Lutron Experience Center for a Firsthand Look

Do you remember phone booths or cell phones that looked like walkie-talkies? Many of you may have to search Wikipedia to remember what these once prevalent technologies provided. In much the same way, there will come a time when we'll have to search the recesses of our memories for the days before motorized shades. 

Why the popularity? Imagine your shades rising before you awake, letting in the first rays of the sun, or automatically closing as darkness descends to allow for total privacy. Think about never having to pull on a cord again to raise or lower your window coverings. Instead, they operate in unison, allowing the filtered light of the sun to shine through while protecting your furnishings from the sun's direct glare. Imagine! 

At First Priority Audio, we partner with industry leaders in customized window coverings, home automation, and audio-visual solutions. In the world of smart window coverings, Lutron shades are our number one pick for our clients in Lighthouse Point, FL, and the surrounding areas. Let’s explore why. 

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Bring Your Movies and Music to Life with Kaleidescape

Home movie theater with the Kaleidescape movie selection on the screen.

Lossless Audio and High-Resolution Images Offer the Immersive Cinematic Experience

Are you considering joining the many other families in Palm Beach, FL, that have created a dedicated room for the pleasure of watching the latest movies? Or, maybe you’re drawn to the modern media room that’s designed for ultimate fun and social gatherings - from movie nights and video game marathons to listening to your treasured vinyl collection in high-fidelity surround sound. 

At First Priority Audio, these are the rooms we truly enjoy creating, knowing that the end result is often designated as the “favorite” room in the home. In the same way that no two families are alike, every home theater and media room is customized for our client's unique lifestyles. However, one thing they all have in common is the best cinematic viewing experience and the immersive sound field that places you in the center of the action. This requires the latest audio-visual solutions, an eye for detail, and great listening skills. 

To provide an even greater entertainment level, we recommend Kaleidescape, a premium source player and the only digital provider of movies and lossless audio. Let’s explore what this unique company offers and why our clients love it. 

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Day Games & Sunday Night Football with Outdoor Entertainment

A modern outdoor patio with a white fireplace and an outdoor TV mounted above it.

Make the Most of the Season with Anti-Glare TVs, Weatherproof Audio & More 

If football games are like holidays to you…

If you go all out with special appetizers for each game… 

If you love to host family and friends… 

Then there’s a good chance you’d benefit from outdoor entertainment technology like weatherproof TVs, outdoor audio, and landscape lighting. With outdoor AV, your backyard becomes an extension of your home, where you can enjoy movies, shows, and most importantly, the upcoming football season in the fresh air. 

Fall brings beautiful mild weather to South Florida, so why not make the most of it with outdoor entertainment? If you’re new to outdoor AV, here’s what’s possible for your Fort Lauderdale, FL home. 

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