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Coastal Source: Outdoor Lighting to Blend In With Landscaping

 A Coastal Source lighting fixture mounted outside by a pathway.

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Flex Niche: Easy-to-Conceal Lights 

Coastal Source’s new FLEX Niche lighting series solves an all-too-common problem: during the day, you don’t want to see bulky lighting hardware. FLEX Niche offers an innovative solution through its flexible, modular fixtures that can blend discreetly into your lawn. 

The FLEX Niche series is made up of 30 existing lighting parts that can configure 300 potential fixtures. This means you can find the perfect fixture for every setting, whether that’s mounted on a tree, staked in the ground, or mounted against your house. 

If you’re installing lights along a pathway, the FLEX Niche curved pathway light is as thin as a plant and will blend in amongst the greenery. Its fixed uplights also feature a slim design that makes an excellent choice for illuminating the underside of small trees, shrubs, or other points of interest. 

Modular Magic 

FLEX Niche outdoor lights make customization easy for integrators. We select the fixture, shroud, armature, riser, and stake to create the custom light you need. Plus, the solid brass lights are ready to install right out of the box, so we won’t need to make any further modifications. 

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Razor: Coastal Source’s New Outdoor Audio Line

Coastal Source speakers

Explore Coastal Source’s Wall-Mounted Architectural Speakers 

Coastal Source has long been one of our preferred outdoor audio brands at First Priority Audio. Coastal Source’s 3-way and 2-way Bollard speakers are built to withstand all temperatures and weather while delivering powerful sound to outdoor spaces. 

And now Coastal Source has released an exciting new line of outdoor audio—the Razor speaker line. These slim, elegant wall-mounted speakers seamlessly fit the home’s exterior, bringing high-end sound to patios, decks, porches, and outdoor living areas. 

Here’s what makes Razor Coastal Source speakers exceptional for our customer’s homes in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

Audio Spotlight: Bang & Olufsen’s New BeoSound Outdoor Speaker

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Bollard outdoor audio speaker.

B&O’s Grand Debut in the World of Outdoor Audio 

We’re audio nerds, which means we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest speaker developments. And today, we have something exciting to share: the new Beosound Bollard by Bang & Olufsen. Bang & Olufsen has been our longtime audio partner, and their remarkable outdoor speaker is set to redefine the way people enjoy music in the backyard.

Here’s what’s so special about the new Beosound Bollard—and how we build outdoor audio systems for year-round enjoyment in Palm Beach, Florida. Expands Into Home Automation with Josh One

The Josh One home automation controller box with the Josh dog logo. Is More Than a Voice Controller Now—It’s a Home Control System 

AI is all the rage now, so it should come as no surprise that a company with ‘AI’ in its name has exciting new developments., the artificial intelligence company known for voice-controlled home automation, is expanding beyond voice with the new Josh One home control platform.  

Josh One is a home controller that simplifies the interactions in connected home environments. It is a scalable solution that lowers the barrier to entry into advanced smart homes, simplifying the installation process with the help of AI.  

Whether you already utilize Josh home automation or are curious about smart technology, here’s how Josh One will transform your home experience in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

5 Commercial Lighting Ideas for Your South Florida Business

An upscale restaurant illuminated by a layered commercial lighting design.

Not Sure How to Improve Your Lighting? Start Here. 

Does your business need better lighting? If your restaurant, store, or office still uses dull fluorescent or plain recessed lights, it’s time for a lighting makeover.  

As LED lighting and smart technology evolve, modern businesses have never had so many lighting options. But with all these choices available, the key is knowing where to look for the best results.

Whether you’re building a new commercial space from the ground up or are renovating, a new lighting system will transform the way people experience your business. After all, if people love ‘the vibes’ in your Fort Lauderdale restaurant or store, they’ll be much more likely to return in the future. 

Here are five commercial lighting ideas to get you started! 

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