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Audio That Looks as Good as It Sounds: A B&O Sound System

 A living room lit by warm and purple lighting with a B&O sound system arranged around the TV.

Speakers That Move & Glide into Position  

If you have an eye for interior design, you probably don’t want clunky gray or black boxes interfering with your home’s appearance

That’s why we love the audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. The company designs speakers with aesthetics in mind, resulting in stunning devices that blend into your home’s interiors.  

Dedicated audiophiles and casual music lovers in Parkland, FL, can now find B&O sound systems at First Priority Audio. Our new partnership with the brand means you can “test drive” these three audio products in our showroom. See how they’ll suit different areas of your home! 

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Customizable, Design-Oriented Audio by Bang & Olufsen

A large, geometric Bang & Olufsen sound system on the wall of a dining room.

Bang & Olufsen’s Partnership with Origin Acoustics Brings High-End Audio to Architectural Speakers  

If you’re looking for high-end audio, a Bang & Olufsen sound system should be on your radar. Bang & Olufsen doesn’t build plain black boxes like other audio manufacturers. Their speakers are designed with lifestyle in mind, as beautiful as a piece of art or wall décor. And now, their partnership with Origin Acoustics means you can enjoy B&O quality installed seamlessly within your walls and ceilings. 

The partnership also means as Origin Acoustic dealers, First Priority Audio can offer Bang & Olufsen speakers to our clients in Lighthouse Point, FL and the greater area. 

If you’re considering a new sound system for your Florida home, read on to discover Bang & Olufsen’s customizable and design-oriented speakers. 

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The Perfect Lighting Design for Home Theaters

A luxury home theater with a professional lighting design.

Because Pitch-Black Isn’t the Only Way to Experience a Home Theater

It’s a common misconception that home theaters don’t need any special attention for lighting. You just turn off the lights and watch a movie, right? 

But when key light sources are placed strategically throughout the room, you can greatly enhance the theater atmosphere and experience and will find yourself enjoying the space more frequently. 

Here’s how we use lighting design to create beautiful, luxury home theaters in the Palm Beach, FL area. 

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Protect Your Fort Lauderdale Business with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

A close-up of an outdoor commercial light.

Create a Safer Environment with Automated Outdoor Lighting 

With crime on the rise in recent years, security should be top of mind for all business owners. But even if you have an alarm system and surveillance cameras, without ample outdoor lighting and an easy way to control it, you could be creating safety and security blind spots. 

If your Fort Lauderdale, FL business needs new or updated commercial outdoor lighting, here’s how it can keep your space safe and illuminated night after night. 

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Outdoor Lighting That’s Both Functional & Beautiful

A gate to a private residence with plants and a cactus illuminated by outdoor lighting.

Bring Safety & Beauty to Your Home After Dark  

When the sun sets, does your house disappear into the shadows? What if, instead, it shined bright and drew attention to the beautiful details you love during the day?

Many homeowners install a lamp over the front steps or hang string lights in the backyard, and stop there. But with a complete outdoor lighting system, you’ll add new beauty to your property while improving safety and security.  

Here’s how a professional landscape lighting installation can make a difference in your Parkland, FL, home. 

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