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Sound to Behold

Whether you’re in the home theater or on the go, Bang & Olufsen sound systems perform just as beautifully as they look. We’re a proud B&O speaker dealer—discover the magic below.

Make sound center stage

Whether at home or on the go, Bang & Olufsen speakers are as functional as they are beautiful. We’re proud to offer the Bang & Olufsen portfolio – explore the full collection below.


Transform the mood in your Parkland or Fort Lauderdale, FL home with a tap on your phone, and enjoy exquisite sound through audiophile-worthy speakers.

Danish Audio Design

For nearly a century, Bang & Olufsen has created iconic audio and video solutions to the highest standards of sound, craftsmanship, and design. With versatile solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful, each product is crafted from the finest materials. Spine-tingling sound at the touch of a button. High fidelity home audio brought to you by Bang & Olufsen. Connect your whole home with a speaker setup that lets the music move with you. Listen to different songs on each speaker or set your speakers to play the same song at the same time – your music, the way you want it. Movie lover? A soundbar and home theater speakers bring the magic of a full soundtrack into your home. As a certified Bang & Olufsen partner, we can help you create an immersive listening experience throughout your home. Explore Bang & Olufsen’s portfolio to find a speaker that suits your lifestyle and home.
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Easy to Control

Bang & Olufsen sound systems feature wireless technology that allows you to access multiple speakers through a single remote or app. The speakers’ built-in proximity sensors detect your presence and activate the control interface in your Fort Lauderdale, FL home.
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Solid Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections

Sync your home’s speakers over Wi-Fi and enjoy lossless audio quality—or stream music to your portable Bang & Olufsen speakers via Bluetooth.
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Wirelessly Link Together

The Stereo Pairing feature wirelessly connects two of the same speakers to create an immersive stereo experience. Or connect speakers across the whole house!
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Built-In Amplifiers

Bang & Olufsen’s built-in amplifiers deliver power and audio to your speakers, so you don’t need separate components. Just plug in and listen.
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Bang & Olufsen App

With the Bang & Olufsen app on your phone or tablet, you’ll connect to all your home speakers, adjust sound settings, and create customized “listening modes.”
  • Beolab 90 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beolab 90

    Ultra high-end floorstanding loudspeakers.
    The Beolab 90 is a truly powerful floorstanding loudspeaker, available in a variety of luxury colors and finishes. It intelligently adjusts audio playback to your living space for unparalleled acoustic performance.
  • Beolab 8 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beolab 8

    Fidelity from every angle

    Bang & Olufsen's crafted three new speakers: a surround-sound powerhouse, a standalone masterpiece and a stirring stereo experience. The twist? They’re all the same speaker. Beolab 8 is the embodiment of versatility. Hear it shine on its own, sing in any set up and perform wherever you place it.

  • Beosound Bollard

    Beosound Bollard

    Sound from the ground and up

    A state-of-the-art landscape speaker, impeccably crafted for outdoor use. Beosound Bollard from Bang & Olufsen delivers powerful and immersive sound experiences whenever you like to listen. Seamlessly connect and control with your favorite device.

  • Beoplay A9 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beoplay A9

    Iconically minimalist with incredible sound.
    The Beoplay A9 is a circular spectacle that can fill up to 1,000 square feet with sound. Whether standing on its oak legs or mounted on the wall, the A9 is unlike any other.
  • Beosound Balance Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beosound Balance

    Plays clear, full audio in every direction.
    The sleek, circular speaker delivers omnidirectional sound atop a solid oak or marble base, perfect for any room in the house.
  • Beolab 28  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

    Beolab 28

    Impressive floorstanding speakers in real oak.
    Don’t underestimate the slim design. The Beolab 28 brings acoustic excellence and unbeatable power to any home theater or listening room.
  • Beolab 18

    Pillars of performance.
    A remarkable achievement in design and engineering, the Beolab 18’s aluminum pillars mystically balance on its base while wooden lamellas deliver supreme sound.
  • Beolab 19 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

    Beolab 19

    Bang & Olufsen’s mighty subwoofer.
    From rumbling action scenes to rock ‘n roll bass lines, the Beolab 19 subwoofer wirelessly delivers accurate sound for dynamic bass.
  • Beolab 50 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

    Beolab 50

    Advanced, audiophile quality that packs the power.
    An eye-catching and ear-dazzling speaker that tailors its sound for the occasion, whether you’re listening alone or hosting a party.
  • Beosound Shape Bang & Olufsen Speakers

    Beosound Shape

    Modular, wall-mounted speaker system
    Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers for design-conscious music lovers.

    Cinematic Experience

    Bang & Olufsen combines audio and video for stunning home entertainment.

    • Beosound Theater Bang & Olufsen Bar

      Beosound Theatre

      A New Vision for Sound.
      Four patent-pending acoustic innovations in one sleek soundbar envelops you in sound from every angle. Made to fit any TV, and last for generations.
    • BeoVision Eclipse  Bang & Olufsen Bar

      Beovision Eclipse

      All-in-one TV and sound system.
      With the world’s finest TV sound system, Beovision Eclipse is designed to integrate beautifully with your lifestyle.
    • BeoVision Harmony  Bang & Olufsen Speaker

      Beovision Harmony

      Watch the magic unfold.
      When you're ready to watch, it puts on a show. The powerful speakers glide apart and the television floats into the space.
    • BeoVision Contour  Bang & Olufsen Speaker

      Beovision Contour

      OLED visuals and award-winning sound.
      A timeless design, minimalist TV featuring a powerful full-bodied, award-winning sound.
    • BeoSound Stage  Bang & Olufsen Bar

      Beosound Stage

      Crafted sound. Seamless continuity.
      A powerful soundbar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your own TV without the need of a subwoofer.
    • BeoRemote One  Bang & Olufsen remote

      Beoremote One

      One remote, infinite control.
      Beoremote One is the handy controller for your entire Bang & Olufsen setup. Completely programmable to your specific needs.

    Headphones & Portables

    Music that travels with you.

    Like nothing you've heard before

    Take music exploration to new depths with Bang & Olufsen’s wireless, high-performance headphones. Adaptive noise canceling, customizable sound EQ, and Dolby Atmos technology deliver top-performing audio while on the go.

    Ready to upgrade your listening experience? Visit our showroom and compare Bang & Olufsen headphones for yourself.

    • Beoplay H95 Bang & Olufsen Headphones
      Beoplay H95
    • Beoplay HX Bang & Olufsen Headphones
      Beoplay HX
    • Beoplay EX Bang & Olufsen Headphones
      Beoplay EX
      • Beosound Balance Bang & Olufsen Speakers

        Beosound Balance

        Plays clear, full audio in every direction.
        The sleek, circular speaker delivers omnidirectional sound atop a solid oak or marble base, perfect for any room in the house.
      • Beosound A1 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

        Beosound A1

        Fully waterproof & ready for anything.
        As far as portable speakers go, the A1’s drivers are surprisingly powerful, filling an entire room with incredible sound.
      • Beosound Level  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

        Beosound Level

        Dynamic and portable with robust audio.
        Whether it’s standing up, lying down, or flat against the wall, the Beosound Level plays your favorite tunes on 16 hours of battery life.
      • Beolit 20  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

        BeoLit 20

        Powerfull Bluetooth Speaker
        Big sound for any moment. Beolit 20 is a powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker that gives your music the presence it deserves.
      • Beosound 1 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

        Beosound 1

        Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker
        Place it anywhere. Pair it or play it solo. Portable wireless speaker with 360-degree sound designed for flexible music streaming.
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