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A Guide to Digital Outdoor Lighting Control


Discover Digital Control for Landscape Lighting Systems 

In our last blog post, we wrote about the benefits of digital lighting control compared to centralized lighting systems. But hang on—what does that mean? 

Centralized lighting is the original method for creating multi-room lighting control systems. Lighting groups are created through wiring that controls lights at the circuit and zone level—rather than individual light fixtures. Lights in a centralized system may not have built-in intelligence, and to make any grouping changes, you’d need to rewire the system. 

Alternatively, digital lighting control systems don’t require a central panel as a middleman between control systems and light fixtures. Instead, smart LED lights have their own digital address that can be individually controlled and adjusted through your smart home interface. Reconfiguring zones and groups is all done digitally—not physically with wiring. 

And digital lighting control isn’t restricted to the indoors. You can digitally control your outdoor lighting design with high-end smart LED fixtures and control systems. Let’s look at how it works and will enhance your outdoor lighting in Parkland, FL. 

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