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A Guide to Digital Outdoor Lighting Control


Discover Digital Control for Landscape Lighting Systems 

In our last blog post, we wrote about the benefits of digital lighting control compared to centralized lighting systems. But hang on—what does that mean? 

Centralized lighting is the original method for creating multi-room lighting control systems. Lighting groups are created through wiring that controls lights at the circuit and zone level—rather than individual light fixtures. Lights in a centralized system may not have built-in intelligence, and to make any grouping changes, you’d need to rewire the system. 

Alternatively, digital lighting control systems don’t require a central panel as a middleman between control systems and light fixtures. Instead, smart LED lights have their own digital address that can be individually controlled and adjusted through your smart home interface. Reconfiguring zones and groups is all done digitally—not physically with wiring. 

And digital lighting control isn’t restricted to the indoors. You can digitally control your outdoor lighting design with high-end smart LED fixtures and control systems. Let’s look at how it works and will enhance your outdoor lighting in Parkland, FL. 

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How to Get Digital Lighting Control Outdoors 

When choosing a brand for digital outdoor lighting control, you want to ensure controls are seamless and reliable with convenient management options. You don’t want to rely on a smartphone app alone but additionally have the option to control lights via wall keypad buttons, remotes, and even voice control. 

You also want to choose a brand that offers many color tuning and dimming capabilities, with automation options to schedule outdoor lights to follow your routines. For all this, we recommend the following two brands. 

Ketra x Coastal Source 

Ketra is renowned as the most sophisticated, high-end smart lighting solution on the market. It’s received numerous awards and is reputable for its 0.01 percent dimming and 16.7 million color-changing capabilities. Built-in sensors automatically adjust settings, ensuring groups of lights match the same desired brightness and temperature. For these reasons, Ketra is the preferred lighting solution for many architects and designers. 

And now, Ketra has officially partnered with Coastal Source, the outdoor lighting manufacturer. Coastal Source’s landscape fixtures are built of solid brass and durable against all the elements. Coastal Source’s Ketra-Ready fixtures are compatible with Ketra’s smart lamps and can be intelligently controlled by your smart system. 

Coastal Source also offers a weatherproof Gateway Outdoor Enclosure box built to house the Lutron Clear Connect Gateway. With a single weatherproof ethernet cable, the enclosure and gateway allow you to wirelessly control outdoor lights through your smartphone, tablet, keypad, and more.  


WAC is another high-end lighting manufacturer that’s popular with designers and architects. WAC’s outdoor lighting products can also be digitally controlled, involving a single transformer that handles two separate circuits. One circuit can digitally control smart LED lights, while the other output manages any legacy outdoor lights you may own. 

WAC offers a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures, from outdoor ceiling pendants to step lights and weatherproof LED tape lighting. We can create a complete outdoor lighting design with WAC’s variety of lighting styles. 

Contact the Pros for an Outdoor Lighting Installation 

If you’re interested in an intelligently controlled outdoor lighting system, First Priority Audio is here to help. We provide lighting installations that bring your outdoor spaces to life with an easily controlled smart system. 

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