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Outdoor Lighting That’s Both Functional & Beautiful

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Bring Safety & Beauty to Your Home After Dark  

When the sun sets, does your house disappear into the shadows? What if, instead, it shined bright and drew attention to the beautiful details you love during the day?

Many homeowners install a lamp over the front steps or hang string lights in the backyard, and stop there. But with a complete outdoor lighting system, you’ll add new beauty to your property while improving safety and security.  

Here’s how a professional landscape lighting installation can make a difference in your Parkland, FL, home. 

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What Outdoor Lighting Can Do for Your Home 

Add Safety & Security 

Outdoor lighting is not only nice to look at, but it helps you navigate more safely after dark. Lights under steps, along pathways, decks, and pools clearly illuminate walking areas to prevent tripping. And this way, you’ll spend more time outside than ever.  

But beyond navigating safely, a well-lit home also deters any potential burglars from targeting your house. Even if you’re miles away, your house looks occupied if landscape lights are on. 

And if you own security cameras, outdoor lighting provides well-lit video footage in color. Motion sensors trigger lights to activate just as cameras start recording, so you can always see clearly when checking camera feeds. 

Bring Ambiance to the Outdoors 

We use a variety of outdoor lights to add depth and drama to your home’s architecture. If there are trees, stonework, and sculptures on the lawn, we can highlight them with downlights, spotlights, and uplights. In contrast, we can bathe walls with floodlights—or install lights under the eaves of the roof. As lighting designers, we can spot the best ways to complement your home.  

Now, you’ll love spending time outside and may feel inspired to host more get-togethers. And as you return home from an outing, you’ll feel immense pride when you see how stunning your house looks at night.  

The Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Lighting Company 

Intentional Design 

As lighting specialists, we’ll design a lighting system that accentuates your home’s structure and landscaping. Your home’s unique layout calls for a unique design to make it look its best after dark. 

Integrated Installation 

We can program your outdoor lights to all connect to a smart home system. That way, you can activate and schedule lights through a tap on your phone. You can even adjust the color and brightness of bulbs and have fun with outdoor lights for holidays and special occasions. 

Quality Hardware 

We know the best outdoor equipment and only use high-quality LEDs, fixtures, wires, and smart controllers. Your landscape lighting will shine for years without rusting or eroding. 

Electrical Experts 

We know how to safely install low-voltage lighting systems to power your outdoor system while staying protected from the elements.  

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting services in the Parkland and South Florida area, make First Priority Audio your destination. Contact us here to learn more about our lighting and technology services! 

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