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Keep Bugs & Glare Out with Outdoor Motorized Shades

A patio with outdoor motorized shades lowered to keep out insects and glare.

The Accessory Every Patio & Pergola Needs 

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors provides a wealth of health benefits—lower blood pressure, less stress, better focus, and improved moods. And who doesn’t love spending a day in the shade or a night under the stars? We’re lucky to live in the Parkland, FL, area. So why not make the most of the beautiful weather? 

A few things can stand in the way of a blissful time outdoors. For one, most of us need to work during the day, and the bright glare of the sun makes it hard to see our laptop screen. Even when we can work from home, most of us still stay inside where there’s AC, and the lighting is better.

Another problem? Insects. Florida’s been named the ‘buggiest’ state in the nation, according to homeowner surveys and insecticide sales. If glare and insects prevent you from making the most of your patio, porch, pool house, or pergola, it may be time to consider motorized shades.

Outdoor motorized shades are a smart solution to keep insects and harsh sunlight from your outdoor living areas. Here’s how motorized shades work and the best brands you can trust for year-round performance. 

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How Outdoor Motorized Shades Work 

Ready to keep bugs out? We install motorized sun shades and insect screens and connect them to a battery or wired power source. From there, you’ll wirelessly control your outdoor shades via remote, app, or even wall keypad. We can integrate outdoor shades to connect to your entire smart home system, so you activate shades alongside lights, audio, HVAC, and more. 

And wouldn’t it be easier if your outdoor screens knew exactly when to lower? We can integrate light sensors that cue shades to descend when the sun strikes. You may also automate your shades to a schedule, so as evening approaches and the bugs come out, shades lower automatically. 

Our Preferred Brand 

For the most seamless, reliable shading experience, we always recommend Lutron lighting control. With a Lutron system, you can rest assured that when you press “Open” on your shades, it will respond every time. Lutron’s intelligent hembar alignment means your screens and shades always align in a neat row. It’s the little details that make a difference. 

Manufacturer Insolroll’s Oasis Patio Sun Shades and Retractable Insect Screens are driven by Lutron and integrate with Lutron HomeWorks and RadioRA control systems. You can expand your shades to indoor windows, too, and control the whole house through a tap of a button. 


Want to make the most of your outdoor spaces with motorized shades and insect screens? First Priority Audio is South Florida’s destination for home technology installations. Contact us here to learn more and get started today! 

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