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5 Q&A’s About Coastal Source Speakers

A Coastal Source outdoor speaker.

Getting Started with Coastal Source Outdoor Audio 

When Coastal Source formed in Florida in 2003, they were determined to bring high-end home electronics to the outdoors—especially coastal locations where salt and spray wreak havoc on most hardware. 

Coastal Source’s landscape lighting and outdoor audio products are the pinnacle of outdoor entertainment. If you want to host the best pool parties and gatherings in your backyard, Coastal Source speakers can stay permanently installed in your outdoor areas through all weather conditions.  

Below, we answer five commonly asked questions about Coastal Source speakers that we hear from our customers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. See what makes their speakers unique! 

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1. How Big Are Coastal Source Speakers? 

It depends! Coastal Source’s more powerful Bollard speakers start at 17 inches tall with the 8.0 Mini Ellipse Bollard, increasing to 47 inches with the larger 10.0 3-Way Ellipse Bollard. However, the taller 3-Way Bollard speaker is buried partially below ground, making the speaker appear much smaller. 

On a smaller scale, Coastal Source’s Bullet Speakers are only 7 inches tall and resemble pathway lights. A smaller speaker will, of course, pack less power than the Ellipse Bollards, so we recommend mixing Bollards and Satellites in your system for stronger sound. The Razor line of speakers can be mounted against your house’s exterior for patio or porch listening. 

2. Will the Sound Bother My Neighbors? 

While it may sound counterintuitive, the more outdoor speakers you own, the less of a nuisance they’ll be to your neighbors. Why? With a network of multiple speakers, your music will play in unison across the lawn and fill in audio gaps. This means you can keep the volume lower since you won’t need to blast your patio speakers to hear by the pool. Instead, you’ll enjoy a comfortable volume across the entire backyard. 

3. Why Are They So Expensive? 

Coastal Source speakers are the real deal. They’re built to last and perform, even if it’s rainy or windy outside. There’s no shortcut for this level of quality, just impeccable design. Coastal Source outdoor speakers are the outdoor equivalent of a high-fidelity stereo or surround sound system. If you’re looking for premium quality, it will cost more than low-end portable outdoor speakers.  

4. How Powerful Are Coastal Source Speakers? 

Outdoor speakers face many more challenges than indoor models. After all, there aren’t walls for sound waves to bounce off, so music often sounds quiet and faded outdoors. You need speakers that are powerful enough to compete with wind, lawnmowers, and traffic, and Coastal Source speakers are built to do just that.  

A speaker’s wattage depends on its power output. The greater the wattage, the better sound quality, volume, and coverage you’ll have. A 60-watt speaker can adequately cover areas less than 300 square feet. 80- to 100-watt speakers will cover up to 500 feet, and 250-watt speakers can blanket 1,000 square feet in sound.  

Luckily, Coastal Source speakers include up to 400 watts in the 10.0 3-Way Ellipse Bollard. Its smaller version, the Mini Ellipse, can still cover up to 500 feet with 100 watts. Even the tiny Satellite speakers pack 50 watts. For context, a portable speaker like the JBL Flip 5 only has 20 watts of power! 

5. Do They Really Work in All Weather? 

Yes! Coastal Source speakers are built to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, including rain, heat, dust, debris, and whatever else Florida weather has in store for us. Coastal Source speakers are also rust-resistant, so they’ll look great on your lawn year after year.  

To see and hear the magic of Coastal Source speakers for yourself, visit the First Priority Audio showroom in South Florida! We design and install outdoor speaker systems built to endure all weather. Contact us here to learn more!

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