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Why Can’t I Use A Regular TV Outside?


Read This Before Putting Your Indoor TV on the Patio 

It’s outdoor entertainment season, and in the warmer weather, people come to us for outdoor TV installations in the Hypoluxo, FL, area. Yet we still frequently hear this question: “Can’t I just get a covering for a regular TV and keep it outside?” 

Many people are tempted to use an indoor TV outside and keep it “safe” under a patio roof, cabinet, or covering. But doing this could damage your display or even cause electrical fires. At best, a regular TV will look dark and dim outside. 

Regular TVs are meant to stay inside, but outdoor TVs are always safe in your backyard. Here’s how it works. 

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What If I Cover My Indoor TV? 

Is a special outdoor TV really necessary? Isn’t a regular flatscreen safe with a cabinet under your roofed patio or porch? 

In short, no. It’s never safe to install an indoor TV outdoors. Even if your television is waterproof (suitable for indoor pools or spas), it won’t function in extreme heat or cold and may rust or corrode. Here in Florida, regular TVs are no match for our heat and rainy season. A regular TV will likely break outside and could cause an electrical fire if it’s not fully waterproof. Plus, indoor screens will be obstructed by glare, ruining your efforts. 

How Outdoor TVs Stay Safe 

Outdoor televisions are built with an industrial-grade exterior and screen that’s fully sealed against the elements. Inside, a temperature control system prevents the TV from overheating in summer or freezing in winter. In fact, outdoor TVs by our partner Séura can endure -40° F to 140° F and whatever mother nature has in store.  

Hard to believe? Just think of the video walls and TVs at sports stadiums. They’re fine in all weather—and so are outdoor TVs.  

Ultra-Bright & Glare-Resistant 

It’s not just that outdoor TVs are weather-resistant. They’re also built with much brighter screens—up to four times brighter than indoor displays! The brighter screen means even during the day, you can enjoy shows and movies in 4K and still see clearly. Séura outdoor TVs include light sensors that automatically adjust the screen’s brightness according to the time of day, so it’s also comfortable to view at night. 

Outdoor television screens won't experience glare, either, so your view won't be obstructed even if the sun shines directly on the display. This is essential with outdoor televisions and isn't possible with an indoor model. 

Curious to learn more about outdoor TVs? Ready to install one in your backyard? Contact First Priority Audio to get started. We install outdoor entertainment systems for homeowners across South Florida, and look forward to helping you! 

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