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Unique TV Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms


Smart Mirror Screens and Waterproof TVs

Most folks have a TV in the living room, bedroom, or a home theater. But have you ever considered adding a display to the kitchen or a bathroom?

In the kitchen, you can follow along to cooking shows or YouTube tutorials while preparing dinner—or enjoy your favorite show as you wait for water to boil. A bathroom screen allows you to continue watching your favorite series while unwinding in the bath.

New smart and waterproof TVs from high-end brands like Séura bring the ‘wow factor’ to bathrooms and kitchens. These custom screens bring creative ways to add entertainment to previously neglected rooms. Could your Lighthouse Point, FL house use a kitchen or bathroom screen?  


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Screens in the Bathroom

It sounds like an invention from the future or a sci-fi film, but vanity TV mirrors are very real, and you can install one in your home today. Imagine catching up on the news, listening to the weather report, or watching a fun video with a TV built into your bathroom mirror.

The television completely vanishes when turned off, leaving a perfectly reflective mirror. The video screen can be placed almost anywhere in the mirror—the bottom, center, or top. Séura’s TV mirrors include two 10W speakers on the reverse side but can also connect to your bathroom’s in-wall speakers.  

Want a regular flat screen in the bathroom? No matter how steamy it gets, a waterproof TV can handle it. An outdoor TV is safe near the tub or shower, withstanding water splashes directly on the screen. So,you don't have to stop watching TV when you’re getting ready for a night out.


Watching in the Kitchen  

Is the perfect spot for a display just above the kitchen sink? Just like in the bathroom, a waterproof screen is engineered with a triple-lock seal to protect technology against moisture. These TVs thrive all year outdoors, so they’ll be more than fine near water, steam, and splashes of food.

Or maybe your kitchen’s design is sleek and minimal, and you’d rather not make space for a large screen. Perhaps you and your spouse can’t agree on whether or not to have a kitchen TV.

A TV lift gives you the best of both worlds. Your display can lower from the ceiling whenever you’re in the mood for entertainment. In one tap on your phone or flick of a switch, the screen will appear and disappear as you wish. Prepare to amaze family and friends as you surprise them with a hidden screen. Then for a less cluttered atmosphere, put the TV away in an instant.


Could your kitchen or bathroom use a new display? For our unique TV solutions and installations, contact First Priority Audio in South Florida.

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