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Hidden Technology: How to Stylishly Hide Equipment Behind Your TV


Achieve a Clean, Minimalistic Aesthetic at Home

It’s all in the details.

Have you ever looked at an interior design magazine and wondered what those homes have that yours doesn’t? Your house may have ample natural light, beautiful floors, tasteful decorations, and eye-catching furniture…so why does your Florida home still not look like it belongs in Architectural Digest?

Your most likely culprit? Clutter. A little clutter can be expected at home. But too much clutter may lead to increased stress levels and feeling overwhelmed. You can reduce disorder in your living room, media room, or home theater by eliminating wires and control boxes under the TV.

Eliminate? Well, maybe not eliminate but conceal. With our hidden technology solutions, your TV will look sleek and stately with no miscellaneous technology in sight. Read on to learn how hidden technology will help your Lighthouse Point, FL home.

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In-Wall Behind TV Storage

One of our trusted partners, Future Automation, builds solid steel boxes that are installed within walls and behind displays. Inside the steel wall boxes, we can store power supply wiring and cable boxes so that all you see is the TV mounted completely flush to the wall. Your screen will look flat as a picture frame without any clutter in sight!

What Can Be Concealed? 

We can hide a range of equipment inside Future Automation wall boxes, including:

  • Mini amps
  • Cable boxes
  • Power conditioners
  • Satellite receiver boxes
  • Power supply
  • HDMI baluns
  • Apple TV and Fire TV boxes
  • And more

A Step Further with Hidden TVs

Want to make your media room even more minimalist? If a large, black rectangle intrudes on your interior design, you have other options. Hidden TVs are the latest technology sensation, letting the display blend into the surrounding room. Artwork TVs like Samsung’s The Frame transform into a work of art when powered off. It won’t reflect with glare or look like a TV—just a masterpiece on the wall!

Séura, a company known for its durable outdoor televisions, also manufactures a TV mirror. When turned on, it’s a stunning 4K UHD screen. But once you power it off, what was once a display now looks and works as a functional mirror. Visitors will have no idea that the mirror above the fireplace is a TV! 

And Hidden Speakers

Surround sound and two-channel audio doesn’t need to include a tangle of wires and bulky equipment, either. We install high-performance speakers within walls and ceilings that are finished with a smooth, paintable grille. You’ll still enjoy clear, robust music or TV audio, but with no speakers to be seen.

Are you interested in bringing hidden technology to your South Florida home? You’re in the right place. Contact First Priority Audio here to learn more about our AV installation services. We look forward to working with you!

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