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5 Ways To Install A Hidden Speaker System


Learn how to install hidden speakers into your Delray Beach, FL home

Audio is an essential component in the home media experience, but audio equipment is often large and bulky. When you are invested in your room's décor, this can completely ruin your aesthetic. How do you get stellar audio while maintaining your style? Hidden speaker systems allow you to have both. Learn how you can implement a hidden speaker system in your Delray Beach, FL home.


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Audio Fabric

Audio fabric is a fantastic way to hide your speakers without compromising on sound quality. You can conceal speakers in custom made cabinets that are covered by audio fabric, or, if you have a dedicated home theater or media room, you can even create false walls to hide your speakers behind, creating the illusion that your sound is coming out of thin air.


In-Wall Speakers

You can also install in-wall speakers by cutting holes into the wall and having a professional install wiring. The speakers are then installed into the recession of the wall using a mounting bracket, and the grates are painted to blend in with the color of your wall. You will only be able to tell that there are speakers in the wall by looking very carefully, and the sound quality will not be compromised.


Invisible In-Wall Speakers

Another option is invisible in-wall speakers. Instead of putting a grate over the speakers, a professional will plaster over them, so it completely blends into the wall. There will be no edge or grill, so it won't be straightforward to tell that there is a speaker hidden in the wall. The sound quality will also be maintained even though it is hidden.


Bookshelf Speakers

If you are not ready to cut into your walls or ceiling, consider using bookshelf speakers. This will keep your speakers from cluttering your room while also delivering stellar sound quality. Simply place the speakers on the shelves and plug them in.


Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are even harder to notice because they are above you, and people rarely look up. These will project the sound downwards to the listener, so the fact that they are above your head will not affect the sound quality.


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