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Interior Design Trend for 2024: Hidden Audio Speakers

A modern living room with Origin Acoustics hidden audio in-ceiling speakers.

Make Audio Disappear Into Your Client’s Spaces 

In the past, home entertainment systems demanded attention. People wanted wall-length cabinets to display their TV, sound system, and media collection. But today, more and more people are embracing minimalism when it comes to home entertainment with solutions like Samsung’s The Frame—a TV that camouflages into a work of art when not in use.  

This minimalist approach can also apply to home audio. If you’re an interior designer looking for ways to bring beauty and elegance to your clients’ homes, see how you can incorporate hidden audio speakers into your Fort Lauderdale projects this year. 

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Hidden vs. Invisible Audio 

There are two approaches to in-wall and in-ceiling audio systems: hidden and invisible.

Hidden audio refers to speakers installed within walls or ceilings, covered by a flat, circular or square grille. We can paint these speaker grilles to blend in with the wall or ceiling for an even more inconspicuous installation. 

Invisible audio takes the installation further by completely covering the speaker cabinet with drywall. You won’t see any trace of audio equipment, just a smooth wall. Sonance leads the invisible speaker market with its Invisible Series. As impressive as the sound is, invisible audio can be complicated to repair or replace (we’ll have to open the walls again), but self-resetting circuits can help prevent overloading drivers. 

Brands We Love 

We regularly install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, so we do have our favorite brands. Manufacturers like Origin Acoustics, Focal, and Harman offer their own lines of premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that we recommend to any interested designers or homeowners.  

Hidden Audio Use Cases 

How will your clients use hidden speakers? Consider the following applications: 

Whole-Home Audio

Homeowners can enjoy music playing discreetly in sync throughout their entire house with hidden whole-home audio. When hosting parties, music will reach all areas to include everyone in the fun, and daily routines become elevated with a personal soundtrack in every room.  

Surround Sound in Home Theaters

Hidden audio can also be used for surround sound in home theaters or media rooms. Powerful loudspeakers are installed at the front, middle, and back of the room to create an immersive soundscape, and speaker panels can be designed to blend in with the room’s aesthetic.  

Outdoor Hidden Audio 

We can take hidden speakers outside, too! Whether that’s in-ceiling speakers on the covered patio or Coastal Source’s ultra-thin, wall-mounted speakers, there are plenty of ways to inconspicuously install outdoor sound systems.  

Installing Hidden Audio Systems 

You’re the interior designer—leave the speaker installation to First Priority Audio. We’ll start by designing a wiring map to plan where cables, speakers, and controls will go. Within walls or ceilings, we’ll implement brackets to hang speakers in place. We’ll wire speakers to the amplifier, media controller, and other equipment in a closet or utility room that’s also kept out of sight. 

If you’d like to learn more about hidden audio for your projects, First Priority Audio in Fort Lauderdale is here to help. Contact us here to get started today! 

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