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Black Rectangle Ruining Your Interior Design? Try a Hidden TV

Hidden TV mounted inside a wooden picture frame above a fireplace.

Mirror TVs, Artwork TVs, and Motorized Lifts Disguise Screens in Your Home

It can be tricky to find a good spot for a TV. You might want to install a television in the bedroom, but the ideal angle would obstruct the view outside, blocking the windows. Or perhaps you have an impeccably decorated living room that would lose its charm with a large, black rectangle at the center of the wall.

If you can’t find a location to mount a television, you have other options. Hidden TVs by manufacturers like Samsung and Séura disguise the display as a work of art or real mirror when turned off. And TV lifts hide the display within walls, floors, and ceilings. How does it work? Learn more for your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home below!

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The Frame: Turn Your TV into a Work of Art

What looks like a painting on the wall is actually Samsung’s The Frame TV. Yes, it really turns into a work of art when not in use! Its matte display won’t reflect or cause glare, and its Art Mode interface allows you to choose from 1,200 works of art you can change at any time.

The Frame includes a brightness sensor to ensure the art looks realistic in any light. When turned on, you’ll enjoy shows and movies with QLED 4K picture quality, and the Multi-View mode allows you to split the screen in two for competing channels.

Séura: Mirror TV on the Wall

One minute, you’re gazing at your reflection in the mirror. Then with a tap of a button, a movie starts playing with UHD (ultra-high definition) 4K picture quality. Séura, a brand known for its outdoor TVs, also manufactures a mirror TV that transforms into a fully functioning mirror when the display is powered off. It’s available with over 100 designer frames to perfectly blend into any living space, bedroom, or above the fireplace. Its vanity TV mirrors incorporate video on large bathroom or dressing room mirrors, so you can catch up on the news or a feel-good morning show while getting ready.

Future Automation: Retract Into the Floor or Ceiling

As cool as mirror and artwork TVs are, maybe you’d prefer to save space when you aren’t watching TV. In that case, we recommend installing an in-ceiling or in-floor TV lift. Future Automation manufactures mounts that can retract and swivel to your preferred angle. With a press of a button, the screen quietly lowers from the ceiling or rises from the floor, ready for showtime. In-floor TV lifts can even be installed outside with outdoor TVs, keeping them safe underground when not in use.

Are you interested in hidden screens and TV lifts? First Priority Audio installs entertainment solutions to blend into your home’s interior. Contact us here to find the solutions you’re looking for today!

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