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Your Clients Don’t Want Clutter: Design with Hidden Audio

Hidden speakers in a Leon Edge Media Frame.

Where High-End Audio Meets Minimalism 

Great interior design is as much about what isn’t there as what is. Beautiful furniture, wall colors, and furnishings set the stage, but the absence of clutter and unnecessary objects creates a clean, comfortable environment. 

If you’re designing for luxury homeowners in the Parkland, FL, area, they’ll likely desire a great TV and speaker system. Here’s how you can design with a minimal aesthetic and high-end AV. Discover hidden audio below! 

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Why Hidden Audio?

Hidden audio is encased inside furniture, or installed within walls and ceilings, so no trace of audio hardware can be seen. Brands like Leon offer unique audio solutions that seamlessly fit into interiors and hide equipment behind tasteful furnishings.  

Hidden home audio creates an impression of clean, minimal spaces without sacrificing audio quality. AV systems can take up a lot of room and require many unsightly power and data cables. Hidden speaker and TV solutions let you maintain a specific aesthetic without any intrusion. 

Hidden Speaker Options from Leon 

As an AV company, we partner with Leon for their innovative hidden speaker products. The following can enhance any interior design project: 

Edge Media Frame

Leon’s Edge Media Frame frames any TV with built-in speakers hidden behind beautiful wooden finishes. The Edge Media Frame is handcrafted to fit any television and soundbar in one simple design and will conceal any mounting and wiring materials.  

Horizon Denza Speaker Shelf 

Is it a shelf or a speaker? You can’t tell with Leon’s Horizon Denza Speaker Shelf, which conceals ultra-thin UX speakers inside a functional shelf. The internal cabinet can even fit an amplifier or other small-form AV components. The shelf is constructed with Baltic Birch and is available in different wooden finishes and grille colors.  

Ente SoundTile 

Leon's Ente SoundTile is a unique product that combines art and music, providing a Sonos-powered plug-and-play experience unlike any other. With custom-printed artwork concealing hi-fi audio, it offers a personalized touch to any room in your client’s home. With hundreds of artwork and photographs to choose from, your design clients can make it their own. 

Leon Architectural Speakers 

In new home builds, Leons’ in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide whole-home listening without a trace of audio equipment. Leon even offers hidden surround sound and outdoor speakers, so you can provide sleek speaker solutions in the home theater and patio. 

Where to Find Hidden Audio in Parkland, FL 

If you think your clients will love hidden speakers from Leon, we’re here to help. First Priority Audio is a certified Leon dealer and installer and can complete the entire installation for your projects. Contact us here to learn more and get started today! 

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