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How Does Hidden & Invisible Audio Work?


Our Guide to In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

When you move into a new home, the sleek floors and empty walls offer such promise and possibility. But once we fill our homes with clutter, that open space that was once so enticing is now nowhere to be seen.

Whether you’re building a new home or are sprucing up your longtime residence, in-ceiling and in-wall audio is an increasingly popular home addition for music lovers. Rather than install bulky speakers in every room, you can enjoy high-fidelity audio without equipment in sight. That way, you can maintain a clean, minimal aesthetic with maximum audio power. 

But you may be wondering: how do hidden in-wall speakers really work? And is the audio quality still good from inside a wall? As an audio-video integrator based in Palm Beach, FL, we’ll share all we know below.

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How We Install Hidden Audio

To connect in-wall speakers and subwoofers to an amplifier, we need to run wires through the walls first. As an AV system designer, we’ll create a wiring map to plot where speakers, cables, and volume controls will go in each room. Inside the walls, we install brackets to hold audio equipment before hanging drywall.

We’ll then store your amplifier, media controllers, and other equipment in a separate closet or utility room so they’re also out of view. Prewiring throughout the house will connect back to this utility rack, and you’ll then be able to wirelessly control hidden audio.

Covered by Grilles—or the Wall Itself!

In the AV industry, we often refer to two different types of in-wall speakers: hidden or invisible. Hidden audio means a speaker is installed within the wall or ceiling and covered by a smooth, paintable grille. The grille may resemble a recessed light, likely a small circle or square mounted flush to the wall.

Invisible audio, on the other hand, involves installing the speaker within the wall and completely covering it with the wall surface. You won’t find a grille or any trace of a speaker. Paint or wallpaper over the surface, and you’ll still hear the audio clearly!

Maintaining Audiophile-Quality Sound

After learning about hidden or invisible audio, many people’s next question is: But does it sound good?

If installed correctly, and if you choose a quality speaker brand like Origin Acoustics or Sonance, in-wall speakers sound excellent in multi-channel setups. After all, you’ll find in-wall speakers in movie theaters, restaurants, and venues everywhere. We typically wouldn’t recommend in-wall audio for stereo listening, but in multi-room and home theater settings, hidden speakers are a proven audio solution.    

If you’re interested in hidden audio for multi-room listening or a home theater, contact First Priority Audio to get started! We design and install custom AV systems across South Florida. We look forward to working with you!

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