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Hidden Technology Solutions That Hide in Plain Sight

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Let Your Decor Speak for Itself, Your Tech Doesn’t Need To 

Many homeowners considering a technology upgrade are hesitant to add much because they believe big bulky rectangles (televisions) and space-hogging sound apparatuses (speakers) detract from their perfectly curated aesthetic. 

Luckily, hidden technology solutions resolve that concern. These covert smart home solutions not only give you the power of AV at your fingertips, but they also hide in plain sight, either staying hidden at all times or becoming visible only when being used. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  

By reading the blog below, you can discover more about hidden audio/video solutions our team can incorporate into your home in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area. Keep scrolling.

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Heard But Not Seen

Imagine listening to your favorite songs and TV audio without a single speaker in sight! Top-performing architectural speakers are installed flush with the wall itself, with the speaker components placed between the wall studs. Wiring is handled before drywall is installed, and grilles can be painted or wallpapered to truly disappear in the wall.  

For example, in-ceiling speakers are mounted flush with the ceiling in the dining room and kitchen, freeing up valuable counter space. Press a button on an on-wall keypad or touchscreen interface, and these spaces will sing while you prepare a meal and chat with friends before a dinner party.

Seen When Necessary

For some, a large black rectangle hanging on a wall when it’s not being used is a sight for sore eyes! Televisions take up considerable space, even in larger homes, and dedicating so much space to something when no one is using it seems like such a waste. Instead, hidden TV technologies let homeowners add or remove their TV display when they’re not watching anything. Motorized TV lifts raise and lower televisions out of custom AV cabinets or from the ceiling, and roll-down projection screens hide out of sight once the movie marathon is over.

Imagine laying in bed and tapping a button so that your 4K Sony TV can rise out of the custom TV cabinet at the foot of your bed. Or better yet, lowering from the ceiling silently and perfectly angling itself so you can comfortably watch an episode of your favorite show. Once you’re done watching, tap another button to remove the television from view. Televisions don’t need to scream for attention; they need only to show off while you’re watching something.

Technology That Blends Into Your Lifestyle

If you’ve been looking for a way to benefit from modern technology solutions without taking away from the look and feel of your luxury home in South Florida, it’s time to connect with First Priority Audio. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or fill out our contact form to start a conversation about what’s possible!

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