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The Best New Features of 4K Television: Sony & Samsung


Plus, What Room Is Best for Your New 4K Screen?  

Unique, captivating shows and movies are created year after year, with beautiful cinematography, shocking plot twists, and complex character arcs. Even if sports or reality TV is more your style, we’re living in an age of higher-quality content than ever. So why watch on anything less than the best?

Now is the ideal time to get started with a 4K television, as the future of content moves towards 4K definition. Brands like Sony and Samsung’s 4K screens include innovative new features that are sure to enhance your entertainment experience.

But what makes Sony and Samsung’s new TVs unique? We’ll share each brand’s benefits below and where their screens will best fit in your Hypoluxo, FL, home.


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Sony in 4K

Video Quality

On standard HD TVs, a backlight illuminates multiple pixels at once, resulting in a gray haze. This isn’t the case with the eight million self-illuminating pixels on Sony’s 4K OLED screens, resulting in brighter images and colors. The wide viewing angle makes the display look the same from any direction, so every seat in the room has an excellent view. 


Lens to Living Room

Sony has described its MASTER Series as resembling “lens to living room”—capturing the exact experience filmmakers envisioned. You’ll see more vibrant colors and deeper blacks, and the Netflix Calibrated Mode tweaks picture settings while you’re watching. When we look into Sony MASTER Series products, you’ll be pleased to find that “lens to living room” doesn’t only apply to Sony’s 4K displays, but also its native 4K projectors.


Full Android App Store

You can bring the accessibility of your smartphone’s apps right to your new Sony TV by selecting streaming services like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Then search the Google Play Store for new features to add to your 4K TV.


Best Location?

Since the MASTER Series screens can get incredibly wide (up to 77”) and flat-mounted against the wall, Sony’s 4K televisions will suit your home theater, media room, or living room display.


Samsung in 4K

Ambient Mode

When the TV is off, do you find a large, black rectangle to be an eyesore? You aren’t alone. Some people hide their televisions in a cabinet or lift into the ceiling.

So, Samsung found a new solution to this: Ambient Mode. Using a picture of your wall, the Samsung TV will replicate the wall pattern behind the screen to blend like a chameleon. You can also display artwork, photos, weather information, or news stories while in Ambient Mode, and tweak its brightness and color.


Built-In Apple TV App

Are you an Apple user? Samsung’s smart TVs have partnered with the Apple TV app and Apple Music to bring your existing library right onto the screen. All you need to do is sign in! Plus, you can explore new shows and movies on Apple TV available in 4K definition. 


Terrace Outdoor 4K TV

Imagine your movie nights outside by the pool or grill, where you can combine a beautiful day with media enjoyment. Samsung’s new Terrace 4K outdoor TV is water and dust resistant, and with 2000-nits of brightness, you can view it clearly even on a sunny day. The Terrace can stay installed outdoors all year, and you’ll never have to worry about the weather harming your screen.


Best Location?

Ambient Mode makes Samsung’s 4K screens a fit for any room, and the Terrace brings entertainment to your backyard, porch, or patio. 


Are you ready for a new Sony or Samsung 4K television in your Hypoluxo, FL-area home? First Priority Audio is your destination to witness excellence in 4K. Contact us here to discuss your new TV installation today. 

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