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How A Better Home Network Makes Cord-Cutting Easier


The right home network installation enables you to do more with your devices and ditch your cable provider

More Americans than ever are getting rid of their cable TV providers, and it’s easy to see why. Cable companies generally provide abysmal customer service, regional monopolies mean there’s little price competition, and you may not even get the network speeds you’re paying for.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to cut the cord and leave cable TV behind. Streaming video apps like Hulu and Netflix, along with digital TV companies like Sling, give you better service, more flexibility and better price options.

There are some challenges that remain when it comes to cord cutting. Relying on the Internet for your entertainment needs requires a network that can handle all the data your family will be using around your home. This is particularly true of your home wireless network, and today we’ll look at both the opportunities and challenges of cord-cutting if you live in Pompano Beach, FL.

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Cutting ties with your cable company isn’t as fraught as it used to be. There’s been a boom in video streaming services, from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to YouTube, HBO, and Disney. For dedicated cinephiles, there are also niche services like Criterion (for older classics) or Shudder (for horror movies) that cater to specific types of movie watchers.

If you still want the option of live TV in your home theater, you have options there, as well. Sling is a live TV service that includes many popular channels, but you access the content through the Internet instead of the cable TV infrastructure. For people with niche media interests, some channels also offer their own proprietary streaming services with live offerings, including ESPN and CBS. Given enough research time and perseverance, you can find a service or combination of services to fit your needs.


While finding a replacement for cable TV is simpler than ever, there are other challenges to consider before you cut the cord. One significant concern is that streaming large amounts of video puts additional strain on your home network. If the devices you use to stream video use wireless connections – laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc. – the complications from that additional network strain can grow.

In addition to your TV and computers, home automation systems like lighting control or motorized shades also rely on your home network. Having more devices with Wi-Fi capability in your home means your home network could buckle under the additional strain.

This is where an integrator like First Priority Audio makes a difference. Our expert staff will go through your entire network to ensure everything is performing at peak levels. We’ll examine your wiring, your modem and router, and the placements of your devices to give you complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. If you’re having signal strength issues, we can set up Wi-Fi extenders or additional wireless access points to boost the signal.


Does your home network installation need improvement? We would love to work with you on your project. You can reach us at (954) 650-3074, chat with a customer service associate below, or visit our contact page.

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