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What Can You Do with Voice-Controlled Lights?

A microphone mounted on the wall. In the background, a hanging light pendant.

Infinite Options at Your Command 

Modern smart lighting offers so much more than turning lights on and dimming. With a smart lighting system, you’re free to customize your lights to any color. On your smart home app or wall keypad, you can set the lights to your preferred hue and brightness level with pinpoint precision. 

But when you’re on the move or busy, you may not want to look for your phone to change the lights. That’s when your home voice assistant comes in handy. 

Voice-controlled lights make it simple to activate and personalize lights anytime, as long as your voice assistant is within earshot. A sophisticated voice system lets you control multiple lights simultaneously and make complex requests. Here’s how you can get started in your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home. 

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Install a Smart Lighting System 

Before you can control lights across the house, you need a centralized smart system. From hanging pendants to linear light strips, you can manage all fixtures with a smart system like Lutron, one of our preferred lighting control brands. You can even connect motorized shades, so you’ll enjoy ample natural light and privacy in seconds.  

Connect Your Voice Assistant 

Now that you can intelligently control all your lights, it’s time for voice. If you already know and love your Alexa or Google Home speakers, they are compatible with Lutron lighting systems. But for the best language comprehension and home control, we recommend understands complex commands and offers more privacy and security than any other voice assistant on the market! 

“Dim the Lights to 30 Percent” 

When it’s time to set the mood, tell the room, “OK, Josh, dim the lights,” and the nearest Josh device will hear and respond instantly. Josh is intelligent enough to know which room you’re referring to and understands longer commands like, “Dim the lights halfway and set them to a warm color.” 

“Turn Off the Whole House” 

We could all use a little less rushing around in our day-to-day life. When you’re at the door about to leave the house, it only takes a quick command to turn off all the lights and lower the shades. The same applies to returning home, so you don’t have to walk through a pitch-black house. Simply say, “Turn on all the lights” or “Set lights to ‘Home,’” and your system responds!  

“Set the Lights for Dinner” 

Lutron lighting systems allow you to save custom lighting scenes that you can relive over and over. Perhaps during dinner, you like the overhead lights to turn off with the chandelier lights set to a cozy, warm glow. Save your preferred lighting setup to a ‘Dinner’ scene, and later, tell your voice assistant to set the lights for dinner, and it will do exactly that!  

If you’re curious about smart lighting and voice-controlled lights, First Priority Audio has South Florida’s smart home solutions. We design and install luxury smart systems customized to your lifestyle. Contact us here to learn more! 

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