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4 Spaces in Your Home Perfect for Lutron Smart Lighting


Lighting control from Lutron can transform these rooms in ways you never thought possible

We’ve extolled the virtues of smart lighting from Lutron at length on our blog, but taking a broad approach sometimes means it’s hard to dig into the details of their systems. And while it’s nice to know what a Lutron lighting system is capable of, you may have some trouble picturing how you’d use it in your everyday life. If you’re in this situation, or you just want to know a little more about Lutron lighting, keep reading. These systems have much to offer area residents in Florida’s Hypoluxo region and beyond.

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In most homes, the living room is one of the busiest spots in the house. The heavy foot traffic makes your living room an ideal place to install Lutron lighting. You can use subtle spotlights and recessed fixtures to highlight pieces of art or other notable elements in the room. With smart lighting, you can also use the system to change the brightness and color temperature of the fixtures throughout the day. Early morning and evening hours are perfect for yellow, low-intensity light, while a brighter, more blue tone can stimulate you to be more energetic and productive. This can all happen automatically with preprogrammed scenes and schedules for unmatched convenience.


Your bedroom is another spot where lighting control can be beneficial. Ease into your day and get better sleep at night with automated fixtures that gradually fill your room with warm light in the morning and gradually dim when it’s time for bed. Once you’ve programmed the schedule, everything happens without your needing to press any buttons or switches. And if you need to mix things up, making adjustments is easy using your phone.


Worried that your makeup won’t look as good at work or a party as it does in your bathroom or vanity? Eliminate these concerns with lighting control for your bathroom. You can easily switch between different light intensity levels and colors, making it easy to see exactly what you’ll look like in different lighting conditions. Automated scheduling can come in handy here as well; your lights can automatically turn on whenever you normally begin your morning routine.


A dedicated home theater requires almost all light to be blocked from the room, but that’s not feasible or the best look for a shared space like your family or media room. You want to strike a balance between keeping things dark enough to easily see what’s happening on the TV, but not so dark that it discourages conversation. Lutron lighting control makes this balancing act a breeze. With custom lighting scenes, you can create lighting designs for every occasion, and switching between them requires one button press.


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