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Case Study: Home Lighting Automation by First Priority Audio

A modern house with a wine cellar under the stairs illuminated by red lighting.

See How We Transformed a South Florida Home’s Lighting 

Lighting can make or break a home’s atmosphere. We’ve seen beautiful, multi-million dollar homes that look great during the day. But once the sun sets, their subpar lighting drags the mood down. 

Luckily for homeowners in the Palm Beach, FL, area, our expertise in home lighting automation and design offers a total lighting game-changer.  

We recently helped a client and friend of First Priority Audio install an all-new home lighting system with state-of-the-art fixtures by DMF Lighting. What can a new lighting installation do for a home? Find out below! 

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Before: A House in Need of New Lighting 

The client’s house wasn’t old—it was actually quite new. But already, the house’s inexpensive light fixtures were yellowing with discoloration on trims. Recessed lighting fixtures experienced light leaking around the trim’s edges. Outdoors, the lighting had rust spots, and many of the halogen landscape lights no longer functioned. In a multi-million dollar home, lighting should be much better than this. 

The Game Plan 

The homeowner not only needed updated fixtures but wanted to adjust the color of the wine cellar’s lights. After some discussion, we decided to implement a lighting control system across the entire house, so the household can dim lights and change colors for multiple lights and rooms.  

We designed a lighting system that highlights the house’s artwork, finishes, and architecture, elevating the interior design. We sourced new sconce lights for both indoor and outdoor accent lighting and installed new recessed fixtures by DMF Lighting that seamlessly mount flush to the ceiling. In the kitchen, we applied linear lighting above and below cabinets for improved functionality and aesthetics. And outdoors, our technicians installed marine-grade lighting finishes so that even Florida saltwater won’t rust or corrode the lights. 

After: Lighting Automation & Luxury Finishes 

The entire installation took place over three days with help from an electrician. After installing 70 fixtures and 30 keypads, the customer is “blown away” by their new lighting finishes and control system. 

With one command, the homeowner can now turn off the entire downstairs from upstairs and vice versa. The couple both wake up early during the week but will no longer use a phone flashlight to navigate in the dark. Automatic timers turn the house’s lights on at four, then automatically power them off again at sunrise. The home’s lighting follows the homeowners’ daily routines and preferences, with the ability to change lighting settings at any time on their phone or wall keypad. The best part? All of these changes took us only four days to get completed!

Could your home’s lighting benefit from a retrofit, too? First Priority Audio is here to help. Contact us here to discover the possibilities in lighting control and design. We look forward to working with you! 

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