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DID Series by DMF: Downlights Built for Smart Lighting Integration


The First Downlight Designed Exclusively for Home Integration

Smart lighting control reveals an entirely new way to illuminate your home. Beyond on/off switches, you can set lights to ‘Morning’ and ‘Night’ settings, or scenes like ‘Movie Time’ that adjust lights to specific brightness levels and color temperatures. You’re never stuck with only one shade of lighting—the possibilities are endless!

But when creating a new lighting design, you may be wondering what lighting fixtures to use with your Control4 or Lutron lighting system. For the best results, you want to invest in lights built specifically for intelligent lighting and captivating design.  

So, let us introduce you to the DID Series by DMF Lighting. The DID Series was built specifically for home integration and is meant to be used in lighting control installations. In this article, we’ll share what makes the DID Series so special and how it will enhance your Palm Beach, FL home’s appearance.

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About DMF Lighting

DMF Lighting designs and manufactures recessed lighting products that offer ultimate customization. The modular products allow lights to adapt to changing room designs and the lights themselves beam smooth dimming with color accuracy. Plus, the products’ trims are made from high-quality aluminum that fits tightly into the ceiling to prevent leaking light.

The DID Series

DMF’s DID Series is special because it was engineered specifically for smart home integrators. It includes a ten-year warranty and has been tested to dim properly on all major lighting control brand dimmers, including Control4 and Lutron. The modular format means no tools or messy wiring are required; they’re easily interchangeable during an installation.

Dim to 1 Percent

DMF Lighting provides the exact results you want, letting you dim lights percentage by percentage, even down to one percent dimming. Their lights also offer a range of color temperature options, including the Warm Dim feature that you can adjust right from your lighting control app. And the tight beam control allows us to customize how sharp or wide a beam of light should look.

Modular & Flexible

The DID Series starts with a universal casing that fits all DMF lights. This means we can install the housings early on and choose the final light specifications later in the project. You’ll test how different sizes and models really look in your house and settle on your favorite version.  

If you’re interested in an all-new lighting design with intelligent control, First Priority Audio is a DMF Lighting dealer and smart home installer based in South Florida. Contact our team here to discuss your home’s project today!

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