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A Lighting Brand We Love: DMF Lighting


Create a Brilliant LED Lighting Installation with DMF Lighting

If you’re upgrading or installing a new lighting system, DMF Lighting is one of the best brands to choose from. DMF’s engineer-driven approach to downlighting creates beautifully illuminated spaces with features like Warm Dim technology that enhance the way we live.

But why should one choose DMF over other lighting brands? When we perform LED lighting installations here in Parkland, FL, DMF is one of our favorite lighting manufacturers. Here’s why.

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Consistent Cans for Flexible Options

Can lights, also known as recessed lights, are DMF’s specialty. The can is the finished enclave that’s fitted into the ceiling. Then inside the can, we screw in the LED bulb.

DMF’s lighting cans are all a consistent shape and dimension, regardless of what light is used. That means we can install cans wherever lights will go and let you decide what style of lighting you’d prefer after.

DMF’s modular cans are used for their fixed, adjustable, and wall wash lights. The LED light modules can be swapped anytime without requiring rewiring or help from an electrician. With over fifty unique, interchangeable trims, you can choose a different design for each room or light.

Experience Warm Dim Lighting

The lighting we need changes throughout the day, even within the same room. DMF knows that bright, cool lighting feels best during the day, and in the evening, warm, golden tones are the most comfortable. DMF’s Warm Dim technology gives people the flexibility to choose lighting that’s right for the moment.

How does it work? Like a standard dimmer, you’ll slide how bright or dim you want the room to be. Once dimmed below 50 percent, the color temperature will gradually warm to create an intimate atmosphere.

DMF’s lighting modules don’t require a separate control system. Instead, they change color temperature through a premium COB chip with color mixing phosphors. Warm Dim is included in the DMF downlighting system that will fit into any DMF cans.

Learn More on Facebook Live July 22nd

So, does DMF Lighting have your attention? If you’d like to learn more about the lighting brand and LED lighting installations, join us at our Facebook Live Event on July 22nd. We’ll be explaining how DMF works, demonstrating the technology, and answering all of your questions!

To join us, RSVP on Facebook to be reminded the day of the live stream. We look forward to seeing you there!

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