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Inspired by Art Basel: Lighting Design for Artwork

Two people looking at modern artwork on the wall illuminated by lighting design.

Create Your Own Gallery with a Professional Lighting Design  

Art Basel returns to Miami December 8th–10th! While we’re excited to see all the incredible art from around the world, as lighting nerds, we’re also eager to see the exciting lighting installations and lighting designs used for the festival. 

Art Basel has famously featured dramatic, jaw-dropping lighting designs that light up buildings in vibrant colors and decadent fixtures. And inside the galleries, the festival’s lighting designers carefully apply lighting to make each artwork ‘pop’ so visitors can see the art in all its glory. 

If you’re an art collector in the Fort Lauderdale area, your art also deserves to be seen in its best light. Below, we’ll explain how lighting design can enhance your art collection like it’s in a museum or gallery. 

5 Commercial Lighting Ideas for Your South Florida Business

An upscale restaurant illuminated by a layered commercial lighting design.

Not Sure How to Improve Your Lighting? Start Here. 

Does your business need better lighting? If your restaurant, store, or office still uses dull fluorescent or plain recessed lights, it’s time for a lighting makeover.  

As LED lighting and smart technology evolve, modern businesses have never had so many lighting options. But with all these choices available, the key is knowing where to look for the best results.

Whether you’re building a new commercial space from the ground up or are renovating, a new lighting system will transform the way people experience your business. After all, if people love ‘the vibes’ in your Fort Lauderdale restaurant or store, they’ll be much more likely to return in the future. 

Here are five commercial lighting ideas to get you started! 

How to Use Smart Lighting for Better Interior Design

Walk-in closet illuminated by eye-catching lighting design.

Leverage Your Home’s Appearance Through Mood-Setting Light Scenes 

If you’re building or retrofitting a fully customized home, you probably have a vision of how it will look. For example, it may appear bright and open during the day while cozy and inviting at night. 

Our surroundings can dramatically influence how we feel, and lighting is an essential component of interior design. Without proper lighting conditions, you could accidentally create a dingy, dim atmosphere during the day. And at night, rooms may be lit uncomfortably bright and harsh. Lighting design considers the lines, colors, and textures across your home and accentuates them through light. 

And with today’s smart lighting control technology, the homeowner can customize lighting design anytime. They can even automate light fixtures to adjust their appearance automatically. 

Learn how a lighting design and smart LEDs can transform your Lighthouse Point, FL, home!

SEE ALSO: Create An Architectural Lighting Design with WAC Lighting 

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DID Series by DMF: Downlights Built for Smart Lighting Integration


The First Downlight Designed Exclusively for Home Integration

Smart lighting control reveals an entirely new way to illuminate your home. Beyond on/off switches, you can set lights to ‘Morning’ and ‘Night’ settings, or scenes like ‘Movie Time’ that adjust lights to specific brightness levels and color temperatures. You’re never stuck with only one shade of lighting—the possibilities are endless!

But when creating a new lighting design, you may be wondering what lighting fixtures to use with your Control4 or Lutron lighting system. For the best results, you want to invest in lights built specifically for intelligent lighting and captivating design.  

So, let us introduce you to the DID Series by DMF Lighting. The DID Series was built specifically for home integration and is meant to be used in lighting control installations. In this article, we’ll share what makes the DID Series so special and how it will enhance your Palm Beach, FL home’s appearance.

Create an Architectural Lighting Design with WAC Lighting


Flush-Mount Lights, LED Light Strips, Under-Cabinet & Outdoor Options

Ready to make a statement with lighting? Whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer, you can dare to dream bigger with lighting solutions by WAC Lighting.

From low-profile options to landscape lighting, the WAC brand offers innovative options for any architectural lighting design. We highlight their best services below to help you determine the right fit for your Lighthouse Point, FL home project.

A Lighting Brand We Love: DMF Lighting


Create a Brilliant LED Lighting Installation with DMF Lighting

If you’re upgrading or installing a new lighting system, DMF Lighting is one of the best brands to choose from. DMF’s engineer-driven approach to downlighting creates beautifully illuminated spaces with features like Warm Dim technology that enhance the way we live.

But why should one choose DMF over other lighting brands? When we perform LED lighting installations here in Parkland, FL, DMF is one of our favorite lighting manufacturers. Here’s why.

Kid-Friendly Tech Gifts for the Holidays


Fun Holiday Presents That They’ll Actually Use

Are you playing Santa this season? Children and teens have a knack for the latest technologies, and with the holidays just around the corner, they will probably appreciate a new gadget. But if you’re looking for something more unique than a smartphone, tablet, or video game, we’ve got you covered.

As smart technology and Sonos dealer based in Palm Beach, FL, we’re up to date on the newest devices that families love. We’ve rounded up our kid-friendly gift ideas for this year—get inspired below!

From Morning ‘til Night, Set the Perfect Mood With Smart Lighting


How to Make the Most of Home Lighting Control

When we choose light bulbs at the store, we’re stuck with the brightness and color temperature of the model we select. But certain activities and times of day pair best with different lighting.  

If you’ve ever turned on a warm-hued light in your kitchen during the day, you know how claustrophobic it can feel. But at night while entertaining friends, you don’t want bright white lamps beaming down on you like stadium lights.

That’s where home lighting control by smart technology brands like Lutron saves the day. Read on for tips to enhance your Hypoluxo, FL-area home with the perfect lighting.

#C4Yourself Smart Lighting Live Event: Join Us on May 21st


Catch Our Control4 Event on Facebook Live


As part of our #C4Yourself month, First Priority Audio is partnering with Control4 to present live demos and virtual tours of our showroom in May. We may be social distancing now, but we wanted to find a way to share smart technology with new and returning customers. You’re spending more time than ever at home. Why not explore home automation and Control4 to see how it can enhance your lifestyle?


On May 21st at 6:30 p.m., we’ll host a Facebook Live smart lighting event from our Control4 certified showroom. But what is smart lighting, and what can you expect to see at the live stream? Find out below!


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Why Invest in Landscape Lighting?


Have you ever been out for a drive or an evening walk and noticed a beautiful home that you can’t help but admire? The one thing they most certainly have in common is a properly designed and installed landscape lighting system. Many homeowners have spent enough hours and money on their landscaping that they could have taken a nice vacation with their family, and yet only get to appreciate their investment during the day when the sun is shining. Why would you add value to your home with landscaping, and not be able to enjoy its beauty at night as well? This is just one reason to install a landscape lighting system. Not only can you highlight the trees, flowers, and shrubs around the home, but you can highlight the architecture and charm of the home itself. Create the perfect ambiance for outdoor entertaining with mood lighting around your pool or fountain, your deck, or your patio area.

Aesthetics are not the only reason to install a landscape lighting system… How about enhancing security and safety? Statistics show that unlit homes are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than a home that is properly lit. Although lighting can't prevent crime, it will certainly make a criminal think twice about which house to approach, and more often than not steer him away from your well lit home. Do you have steps leading to your front door or connecting your driveway to your walkway? Lighting can prevent unnecessary accidents from tripping hazards by properly lighting a pathway and highlighting steps so that your family and guests can move safely throughout your property.

A properly designed landscape lighting system is usually not a "do it yourself" project. There are many variables to consider like type of light, wattage, location, and placement just to name a few. You may have seen a home with deep shadows creating a ghostly feel, or poor contrast creating poor color replication for the home. First Priority Audio has the experience and training necessary to make these design decision for you and create the best landscape lighting system for your home. 

We have tried and tested several landscape lighting solutions, and we know the critical details that make a solid product. First thing to consider is whether to choose a line voltage or a low voltage system. Line voltage products require electrical wire that is rated for in-ground use or have a professional install proper conduit and wiring for your environment. This can get costly in terms of labor, not to mention the lighting fixtures themselves tend to cost more than their low voltage counterparts. Low voltage systems tend to be easier to install because the risk of handling the wiring is much less than a line voltage system. The wiring and connectors themselves are critical in a landscape lighting system as well. You want to purchase a product that is well insulated and water/air tight so that it can withstand the elements, especially in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami where humidity and water are a given. Next you want to consider the range of fixtures available with the system and make sure that there is enough variability to cover all the needs of your project, including type of light, size of fixture, and finishes to match your décor. Finally you want to consider the product warranty. Since your landscape lighting system will be in direct contact with the elements and affected by your landscapers and gardeners, you want to have a warranty that keeps your investment safe.

Call First Priority Audio today at 954-650-3074 to have us design and install your landscape lighting system. Did I mention the products we have chosen to work with from Coastal Source come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY? Live near the water in Miami or Fort Lauderdale and are worried about saltwater damage? No need to worry… Our warranty covers that. Has your gardener ever broken a landscape light with their lawnmower? No problem… our warranty covers that too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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