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A Lighting Design Is Worth the Home Investment


Go Beyond Plugging in Lights. Here’s How Lighting Design Can Enhance Your Home

Many of us are always looking for ways to improve our homes. Maybe we wish we had a bigger garden or different kitchen cabinets. But isn’t it finally time to start loving where you call home—with no regrets? You can create the perfect ambiance across your property without any new furniture or wallpaper—but instead through a professional lighting design.

You might be wondering: what is a lighting design? And can it really make a difference? We’ll explain the ins and outs below so you can create the perfect setting in your Parkland, FL home. 

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What Is a Lighting Design? 

A lighting design goes beyond where we physically install lights. Lighting design is about the human experience—how different layers of light in various brightness and colors can influence an interior’s atmosphere. 

Many homes are illuminated by the simplest methods: a multi-bulb fixture or ceiling fan at the room’s center. But a single fixture can’t adequately accommodate every moment, mood, or feeling of your daily life. After all, a movie night will require different lighting than drinks and appetizers with friends.

While a lighting layout determines where lights and fixtures will go, a lighting design is more preoccupied with the final results and the mood it creates. This is where the fun begins! 

How We Do It 

When we craft a lighting design, we want you to be able to quickly add or reduce brightness whenever necessary. With multiple layers of lighting in a room, you can easily shift the lights for everything from parties to bedtime. 

At First Priority Audio, we refer to three types of lighting categories. First, ambient lighting illuminates an entire room or area. Second, accent lighting is decorative and may look like under-counter LED strips, unique lighting fixtures, or chandeliers. The third category, task lighting, brightens a specific area, like your desk or kitchen table. 

By customizing each lighting layer, you’ll enjoy the perfect lighting for each activity and time of day. 

How a Lighting Design Improves Your Lifestyle 

After implementing a lighting design, your home will have never looked better—and you’ll feel better, too. With improved lighting temperatures and more natural light, you’ll feel more comfortable and energized during the day while more relaxed and cozier at night. 

Plus, we install smart lighting systems like Lutron or Control4 that include smart keypads for instant customization. For instance, press a “Morning” button, and your shades will automatically open while lights brighten to a cool tone. Likewise, a “Night” button can prompt lights to dim and warm to a golden appearance. We can even automate your lights to operate on a preprogrammed schedule, so you won’t have to lift a finger for the perfect lighting scenes! 

Adds Value to Your Home 

By expanding or mimicking natural light, your house will look airier and more welcoming. Colorful lights can add unique contrast to interior design elements, and by adjusting brightness levels, you’ll always create a comfortable environment. With a smart control system integrated across the property, lighting will be instantly accessible and state-of-the-art. 


When you partner with a smart home integrator like First Priority Audio, we’re here for more than the installation. We’ll help with maintenance or updates for years to come. Contact us here to get started with your Florida home’s lighting design today! 

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