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Go Beyond Standard Light Bulbs with Full-Spectrum Linear Lighting


Customize Your Home’s Appearance with Linear & Tape LEDs by American Lighting

Spectacular places tend to have spectacular lighting. Around the world, the most beautiful restaurants, museums, and homes all have the same thing in common: a well-crafted lighting design.

To take your lighting to the next level, brands like American Lighting offer full-spectrum LED lighting solutions, including tape and linear models. But what do these lighting terms mean, and how can you use them in your Ft. Lauderdale, FL home?

Read on to discover the unique LED products offered by American Lighting. And to learn more, join us on July 8th on Facebook Live for a fun, informative display of linear lighting solutions.

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What Is Full-Spectrum Lighting?

Full-spectrum lighting can closely replicate the same brightness and appearance of natural sunlight. LEDs achieve this by producing all visible color wavelengths, and by doing so, can help improve our energy and moods. With tunable smart lights, you can enjoy a range of color temperatures and brightness, starting cool and bright in the morning and dimming to a warm hue by evening, just like you would see outdoors.

Technically speaking, real ‘full-spectrum lighting’ like the midday sun must be at a color temperature between 4000 and 6500 Kelvins. Light bulbs at the 2000–3000K level will appear soft and golden. From 3000 to 6000K, lights appear brighter, like an icy white. American Lighting, one of our favorite lighting brands, manufactures LED fixtures available in anything from 2700K (warm) to 5000K (very cool) and lets you toggle between the two with smart lighting control.

What Is Linear Lighting?

Linear lights aren’t in the shape of a round or square bulb but instead, a long, thin luminaire inside a casing. Linear lights distribute light over narrow areas and may be suspended from the ceiling, mounted to the wall, or recessed in walls and ceiling (like the image above). We install linear lights to highlight architectural features and furniture like bookshelves and cabinets, bringing eye-catching excitement to any interior.

American Lighting builds linear lighting models for both indoor and outdoor use. Its tunable remote control lets you instantly customize the color and brightness of your linear lighting, so you can set the perfect mood from morning through night.

What Is LED Tape Lighting?

Also known as LED light strips, tape lighting isn’t rigid like linear lighting and can be cut-to-size customizable. American Lighting offers both tape and rope models that produce continuous lines of lighting and are dimmable from 10 to 100 percent. The Polar 2, for instance, is sold in 150-foot reels, can shine for up to 30,000 hours, and is available in many colors. When we connect your linear and tape lighting into a smart home system, the lighting possibilities are nearly endless!

Join Us on Facebook Live July 8th to Learn More

Want to see the magic of American Lighting in action? Join us at our Facebook Live event on July 8th, where we’ll share more on linear full-spectrum lighting and how it can work in your home or business.

RSVP here to be reminded the day of the event and contact First Priority Audio for all your smart lighting and home automation needs.

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