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How Homeowners Can Upgrade Outdated LiteTouch Systems


Support & Upgrades for Legacy LiteTouch Lighting Systems 

Do you own a LiteTouch lighting automation system? The lighting control brand went out of business in 2015, leaving many homeowners in the Fort Lauderdale area with old, dysfunctional systems. Few integrators are still familiar with LiteTouch systems, and without any new products available, LiteTouch owners have had to find used parts for any necessary repairs, which are becoming increasingly rare. 

If you don’t know what to do with your home’s LiteTouch system, First Priority Audio in South Florida is here to help. We recently modernized a homeowner’s outdated LiteTouch fixtures, keypads, and control system to perform like never before.  

Here’s how we can give your home lighting automation a new life. 

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When Lighting Systems Go Wrong 

We recently partnered with a client that had purchased a house with an existing LiteTouch system—that wasn’t working. Lights and keypads were unresponsive, and the controls were slow. When lighting systems are decades old, the technology can fail, and the keypads appear faded, dirty, and mismatched. Older systems also don’t offer modern lighting systems' customization and convenient features like remote access. 

Updating legacy systems like LiteTouch can be challenging when we don’t know where the existing wiring infrastructure is sound. We need to determine what every circuit is for before upgrading panels, which can be time-consuming—but not beyond our expertise! 

Outdated LiteTouch wall keypads. 

How We Upgrade 

For this particular home, we didn't have to tear out wiring in the walls. We were able to upgrade existing panels with the Vantage Lighting retrofit system. We replaced old LiteTouch keypads with sleek, new models by Vantage and used the same wiring to connect fixtures to the new control system. The new lighting system lets the homeowner remotely access lights and control light settings via smartphone, tablet, and sleek wall keypads. 

And just recently, Lutron released its new LiteTouch-to-DIN retrofit subplate solution, which simplifies upgrades to HomeWorks control systems. In most cases, replacing LiteTouch doesn’t mean starting from the ground up; we can use your old wiring system to upgrade to a reliable system like Lutron HomeWorks. 

Upgrade Process: What to Expect 

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to tear up your house to retrofit legacy lighting systems. Oftentimes, we can use the same panels and wiring to add new keypads and controls. We can get the lighting system working again and completely modernize it with faster, smarter features. 

But remember, retrofitting outdated systems can involve many unknowns. If we don’t have files on your house’s circuits, we may have to rediscover what every faulty or unresponsive circuit is for. We plan for these unknowns and delays and ask homeowners to vacate their house for four to five days while we work on the system alongside an electrician.  

After we finished replacing this client’s LiteTouch system, they were ecstatic. The homeowner turned to his wife and shouted, “We have a light in the shower!”—seeing it working for the first time. If you’re also living with an outdated lighting system, there’s hope for your home, too! 

First Priority Audio is Fort Lauderdale’s destination for lighting control installations and retrofits. We can completely transform your lighting experience for streamlined control and a beautiful atmosphere. Contact us here to learn more about our retrofit services today! 

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