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Live A Brighter, Better Life with Lutron Lighting Control


Make your home a more comfortable, relaxing place to be with smart lighting from Lutron

It may astonish you just how powerful a role the lighting in your home plays in your everyday life. The light from the sun or light sources around your home helps regulate your mood, energy levels and sleep cycle. Lighting also plays a critical role in setting the atmosphere around your home.

As a Lutron dealer, First Priority Audio is here to help residents in the Fort Lauderdale area and throughout Florida find the right lighting solution for their home. Lutron is the industry leader in creating beautiful, powerful smart lighting solutions, and today’s blog will show you why a Lutron lighting system is a smart investment for your home.

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A quick refresher on the benefits of smart lighting, in general, is in order. With warm-dimming LEDs and tunable white lights, Lutron lighting control gives you nearly infinite colors to choose from for any space in your home.

Lutron lighting control harnesses light to help you set whatever mood you want at any time. Our body’s natural circadian rhythm helps set our mood and energy levels throughout the day. Light on the warmer, softer end of the spectrum makes us relax. Cooler, brighter lighting boosts our energy and focus. A Lutron smart lighting system can automatically tweak the lighting throughout your home to any need you have during the day.

Here’s an example of how that works. At sunrise, you’ll awaken refreshed and relax as gentle light fills your bedroom. Once your morning routine is complete, give yourself a productivity boost as your lighting shifts to brighter but cooler color tones. You’ll ease into sleep at night as your fixtures gradually dim and bathe you with soft light. For even greater convenience, preprogrammed schedules and light sensors help your system run 24/7 with minimal input from you. You’ll enjoy a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle with tunable lighting from Lutron and Ketra.


LED lighting is one of the fastest-growing parts of the home automation industry, but some technical challenges remain. For example, there are no universal standards for integrating smart LED fixtures with the control systems that run them. This can cause serious headaches for getting all your automation technology to work as it should.

There is one way to sidestep this potential problem: Use Lutron fixtures with your Lutron control system. Because the fixtures and control system are both made by the same company, all the components work well with each other. Lutron has fixtures for any space, from sconces and recessed fixtures for your ceiling to the Lumaris by Ivalo LED Linear Lighting line. You can install Lumaris fixtures under cabinets and shelves, as step or path lights, and other places around your home where you need some extra illumination.


As we mentioned before, Lutron lighting control allows for a much broader array of light configurations for any room. Improve your interior design with customized lighting scenes for everyday life as well as holidays, special events and parties.

Stressed after a long day at work? A “Relax” scene can dim the lights in your den or living room and activate your motorized shades and speakers, all with one command. Family or friends coming for dinner? Create an “Entertaining” or “Party” scene that keeps things bright in the kitchen and dining room while dimming other fixtures throughout your house. The options for lighting scenes are only limited by your needs and imagination.

Of course, interior design includes the physical light fixtures themselves. The type, size and shape of fixture matters just as much as the color of the light emanating from them. Instead of going with what’s cheapest at Home Depot, hire a professional team with extensive experience blending technology and design. We’re very familiar with Lutron’s products, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your home.


Want to see your home in a new light with Lutron lighting control? Contact us today to get started. You can call us at (954) 650-3074, visit our contact page or leave a message in the chat box in your browser.

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