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How to Navigate & Reboot Your Control4 Halo Remote

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Customize Your Smart Home & Entertainment Experience with the Halo Remote 

Do we really need a remote for the Blu-ray player, another for the smart lights, and one for one for…something you can’t recall? There has to be a better way. 

And there is! Instead, you can consolidate your home technology with an all-in-one smart home remote. The Halo remote by Control4 controls everything from the lights to the AC to Netflix, simplifying how you approach every system in your home. 

Whether you’re new to Control4 or already use it in your Fort Lauderdale home, here’s how to work the Halo Control4 remote and navigate the interface. 

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How to Use the Halo Remote 

Control4 offers two versions of its smart home remote: the Halo and Halo Touch. Both sync to your Control4 smart home ecosystem, just like the Control4 app, and feature a sleek aluminum body with a high-resolution screen and hard buttons. 

The touchscreen version, Halo Touch, includes a larger LCD touchscreen with a touch interface that’s comparable to the Control4 app. The Halo Touch remote has fewer hard buttons than the Halo but still includes physical buttons like “Push to Talk” and standard playback controls (pause, fast-forward, etc.) for media. You'll use the touchscreen interface to navigate rooms in your home and select devices like smart lights and shades. 

Holding the standard Halo remote, you’ll access more hard buttons like “Watch,” that pulls up video sources, or “Home,” to display rooms on the screen. At the center, the circular navigational buttons will allow you to move through rooms and scenes, and at the bottom of the remote, you can still use numerical buttons for TV channels. 

How to Reboot the Halo Remote 

If you want to reset your Halo or Halo Touch remote, simply do the following:  

  1. Power off the Halo remote (by holding down the power button at the top of the device).
  2. Press and hold both the power button on top and the button at the back of the remote. 
  3. The display should light up. When this happens, release the power button but continue holding the back button for ten seconds. 
  4. After ten seconds, release the back button. 
  5. Your Halo remote has restarted. The “First Time User Experience” screen will appear, prompting you to scan a QR code on the Control4 mobile app. 

Why Control4 & the Halo Remote? 

Control4 isn’t the only luxury smart home system on the market. So why choose it over others like Apple HomeKit?  

To start, Control4 offers a unified interface for disparate systems, whether that’s security, lighting, entertainment, or HVAC. You don’t have to switch between different apps to use your home technology, and it all “just works” seamlessly when you hire a Control4 installer. And if something goes wrong? Your Control4 integrator is there to help troubleshoot.  

Control4 systems offer endless customization options to create smart ‘scenes’ and schedules—and at a lower price than other automation systems. If you want an intuitive system to control your entire house (or multiple properties), then Control4 is a smart choice.  

Discover Control4 & Smart Home Remotes with Us 

If you’re looking to simplify your home controls in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, First Priority Audio has you covered. Contact our Control4-certified technicians here to explore your options and learn more, and visit our showroom to try it for yourself! 

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