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How Smart Lighting Can Benefit Equestrian Facilities


Automate & Control Lighting Across Every Acre

How do you control and automate lighting across several acres of land and multiple buildings? Anyone who manages an equestrian facility knows how dark the property becomes after dusk. This can be dangerous for anyone riding in low-light conditions and may also hinder the performance of security cameras. After all, infrared can only see in black and white, and you could be missing crucial blind spots.

Equestrian properties pose unique challenges that other homes and businesses may not experience. That’s why many horse owners install custom smart lighting systems that automate lights according to their needs.

Our team at First Priority Audio has installed smart equestrian lighting, networking, and automation in horse-riding facilities across the Ocala, FL, area. Read on to see how we’ve helped equestrians add safety and convenience to their properties.

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Why Equestrian Properties Need Smart Lighting

Equestrian centers can be as large as a forest, with riding fields and stables spanning tens of acres. Such vast spaces become incredibly dark after the sun sets, and you need an easy way to control or automate lights across the entire property.

Smart lighting allows your team to schedule landscape and even indoor lights to activate automatically according to a schedule. Motion sensors can trigger lights to turn on, too, and power off after a set period.

With smart LED lighting, we can adjust the brightness and even color of lights in horse arenas for shows. Streetlights can be integrated into the same system and remotely turned on so that riders can travel safely. Your surveillance cameras will capture clearer video, too, improving security.

Controlled from One System

Smart controllers like Control4 allow us to integrate all your lighting fixtures into one easily accessible system. From there, we can group buildings together and create lighting zones that will enable unified control. Anyone with user permissions can control and check on lights from smartphones, tablets, control panels, and even custom wall keypads in facility buildings.

But that’s not all. We can sync other technologies to the same Control4 system, including security devices, speakers, intercoms, and gate controls. With everything in one system, your equestrian center becomes easier to manage than ever.

How We Design & Install Smart Lighting

Equestrian centers are unique and therefore require a personalized lighting design. Floodlights will illuminate large areas, while pathway lights and lampposts will guide visitors along roads. And indoors, recessed ceiling lights will shine a light on dark evenings in the stable.

Our team will trench wires underground to connect lighting fixtures to one smart system. We’ll then program smart lights to the perfect brightness levels and color temperature for a comfortable environment. 

Could your equestrian center benefit from a new smart lighting system? First Priority Audio has designed and installed smart technology and networking across South Florida equestrian facilities. Contact us here to get started today!

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