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How We Brought Automation, Security & Networking to an Equestrian Estate


Smart Technology to Help Horses & Riders Thrive 

How do you bring internet connection, surveillance cameras, outdoor TVs, and access control to a 16-acre equestrian property? With lots of learning and careful planning

First Priority Audio  is proud to have recently  retrofitted a residence and equestrian facility in Wellington, FL. We were tasked with adding technology to every corner of the fields, 20-stall stable, arena, viewing lounge, and home without disrupting the riders’ and horses’ activities. Our team spent two weeks on the project in Florida’s horse country, and we are thrilled with the results. 

Luxury home networks and smart security are our specialties, but an equestrian property was new to us. Here’s how we did it.   

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The Challenge: Connecting 16 Acres 

We needed to bring Wi-Fi, automation, and security to 16 acres of fields, equestrian facilities, and a residence. With no nearby cell towers and weak signals, a strong Wi-Fi connection was essential. Our team was challenged with linking the properties and training fields over a weatherproof wired network. 

The horses played into all of our decisionsand we were mindful not to install technology where a horse could trip and fallFields needed cameras to keep an eye on riders and horses for safetyAnd we faced unique obstacles, like installing entry keypads that someone could access while walking or up high on a horse. 


Weatherproof rack station and wireless access point. 

Network Over 1,500 Feet of Fiber 

Due to the property’s vast space, we ran over 4,500 feet of fiber cabling, including a single 1,500 foot run, with rack stations along the way. We mounted outdoor wireless access points on stables and substations to bring connectivity to every area. The technology is durable and weatherproof, strong enough to endure even a hurricane. 

We recessed the cabling for horse safety, and because of an existing underground irrigation system, had to hand-trench the network. If the owners want to add more technology or cameras someday, we future-proofed the network with an four additional lines of fiber beyond the two lines of fiber we utilized to support the dedicated network and camera system. 


Dome camera connected to the surveillance system.

Surveillance for Horse & Human Safety 

Most riders don’t bring a phone with them when they’re out ridingSurveillance cameras with live feeds on outdoor TVs  provide the protection riders need in case of injury. Cameras also let staff keep an eye on the horses, checking footage from any location, whether that’s on the facility TVs or through a phone app. 


Check camera footage via screens in the stable. 

In the stable, we  installed a bullet camera and fan in every stall. Cameras are used to monitor food and water bucket levels and ensure horses don’t escape. Outdoor TVs on the stalls, barn, and wash display camera views. Everyone is in-the-know now with the right surveillance technology in place. 


Dual-pedal access control for walking and riding height levels—system by Control4. 

Infrared for Nighttime Security

Riding paddocks and surrounding land are extremely dark at night. And without ambient light from streetlamps or landscape lighting, surveillance cameras can’t see any better than our eyes do.

So how can a surveillance system work after dark? With infrared illuminators! IR camera technology detects infrared light so that dark, deserted areas can still be seen on camera. On display, IR camera footage will appear black and white. When daylight returns, the video feed will record in bright color again.

Access Control at Walking & Riding-Level 

Access control at the property’s gates posed a challenge: how do you enter a code into the keypad if you’re up high on a horse? We installed a dual-pedal stand with Control4 access control that lets folks at both walking and horse height enter. We also installed access control systems at the home, stable, grooming quarters, and storage areas. 

For vehicle entrances, weinstalled the keypad pedestal at an angle for a truck and trailer to pull in with enough space. Controls open a double-door system rather than a single door to avoid spooking horses. Facility doors automatically lock behind anyone who enters, and everyone has a code, ensuring only permitted persons can enter. 


If you’re looking for to bring automation and a luxury network to your Florida property, let First Priority Audio help. Contact us here! We look forward to assisting you.

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