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3 Things to Consider in Your Outdoor Video Setup


How you can protect your outdoor audio equipment in Hypoluxo, FL

Nothing beats watching a movie by the pool during the summer. Most people think that an outdoor video installation is expensive, but it's about as expensive as a regular video installation. The important part is to make sure that your setup is protected from the elements. Read more to learn how to protect your outdoor video system from the weather in Hypoluxo, FL.


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Location is the most important thing you should consider when installing your outdoor video system. Outdoor TVs by Séura are built in two models: The Shade Series and Ultra Bright. With the Shade Series screen, ideally it should go under a deck or a gazebo and facing away from the Florida sun so that you get the most out of your outdoor entertainment. The Ultra Bright can be installed anywhere in your yard—its brightness allows for a clear picture, even under direct sunlight. Séura TVs are fully weatherproof, so they’re safe to place by a pool where water may splash on the screen.



Get the most out of your streaming services by connecting them to your outdoor television! Add an outdoor wireless access point to extend your home network throughout your entire property. Enjoy a night marathoning your favorite show on Netflix, or play your kid’s favorite Disney movies by the pool. First Priority Audio can even integrate your network connection to your smart home system so you can have complete control of your outdoor entertainment.


TV Cover

A TV cover is a fantastic way to protect your television from the elements when it is not in use. There are three common types of protection: full, half, and flip-top. Full covers are a good option for all kinds of mounted televisions, and as the name suggests, cover the entire television. If your television is mounted in a way that makes it hard to cover completely, a half TV cover will protect the screen of your television from harm. Finally, flip-top covers easily roll up so that you can watch TV without having to take a cover on and off. These are the most convenient option. Make sure that your television cover is made of sturdy and waterproof material.


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