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Our May 28 #C4Yourself Live Stream: Outdoor AV & Lighting


Experience Smart Outdoor Living Through Our Facebook Live Event


We’ve joined forces with Control4 in May, presenting live demos of smart technology and virtual tours of our showroom all month long. Previously, we covered security and smart lighting during our live events. Now on May 28, we’ll dive into outdoor technology. To envision an outdoor system for your South Florida home, catch our live stream on outdoor speakers, screens, and landscape lighting.


The event starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 28. How can outdoor audio video and lighting help you make the most of summer 2020? Learn more below!


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The Sound of Outdoor Music

Sunshine, summer nights, and high-end audio will expand your backyard experience for all your activities, whether solo or with your family. Top-tier weatherproof speakers can withstand extreme temperatures, water, and dirt so that you can leave your system outside all year long.


When installing audio, we’ll survey your property to build a system that carries frequencies evenly to where you’ll need it. For low bass notes, we add below-ground subwoofers to make every song sound robust and full, even in the wide outdoors. Wired into your Control4 system, you’ll select the playlists you love and connect it to the rest of your home’s audio in seconds.


Take TV to the Backyard

Your outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop with audio. Sync your speakers to one of our waterproof Ultra-HD screens, built to shine bright even in full sunlight. You’ll enjoy a clear image with reduced glare so that you can bring new and favorite shows out into the fresh air. Spending time outdoors is proven to benefit our moods and mental health. So, while you aren’t traveling this summer, you can cut back on time spent indoors with an outdoor display.  


Landscape Lighting for the Modern Home

Take pride in your home and highlight architectural details and plants with a landscape lighting design. Smart LEDs can integrate into your Control4 automation system, allowing you to fine-tune your lights’ color and brightness from your phone or tablet. Turn your outdoor lights on in one touch or voice command. Next, set them to a schedule to automatically turn off, reducing wasted electricity.


A Sneak Peek into Outdoor AV & Lighting

You can still experience the fun and thrill of outdoor AV while social distancing. Don’t miss our Facebook Live event Thursday, May 28, at 6:30 p.m. to see how it can benefit your home.


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