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Smart Surveillance: The Future of Equestrian Security Cameras

Close-up on a dome security camera on an equestrian facility.

How AI Improves Security & Monitoring at Modern Equestrian Facilities 

At any equestrian facility, multitudes of people are coming and going from the property each day—which is a risk when valuable equipment and animals are involved. So, how can management keep track of who’s entering and leaving while staying on the lookout for any suspicious activity? 

In the past, if there was an incident on the property, surveillance footage proved to be most useful after the fact. Still, people had to sift through hours of footage to find what they were looking for. As for real-time alerts, more often than not, they were false alarms triggered by random motion detected on-site. 

But with the latest technological advancements in equestrian security cameras, including AI-powered monitoring, mobile integration, and cloud storage, security has never been simpler. Learn how new surveillance technology can bring simplicity and security to your Wellington, FL, equestrian facility. 

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Distinguish People & Vehicles 

AI-enhanced cameras don’t merely recognize movement—they can actually differentiate between people and vehicles and distinguish each in its alerts to your security system. This is especially helpful for equestrian properties where people are traveling by vehicle or horse, and you can quickly find the footage you’re looking for by differentiating the two. 

This feature is now available through Luma Insights software, which leverages Luma surveillance cameras and Chime video doorbells in Control4 systems. As a Control4 dealer, our team at First Priority Audio can help upgrade our customers’ surveillance systems to include this innovative AI software. 

Smarter Notifications 

Equestrian facility owners can now stay connected with real-time events through notifications sent directly to their mobile devices. Each alert not only includes a link but also an image, providing instant insight into the triggered event. By tapping the notification, users are seamlessly directed to the Control4 app, either to a live feed or immediate playback. This intuitive interface empowers users to take action, review additional events, switch to live view, or promptly share the incident.

Luma Insights goes beyond standard notifications; it intelligently aggregates events, preventing unnecessary repeat notifications while ensuring continuous recordings. Users can also mark an event as a false positive, contributing to the system's learning and refinement.

As the guardian of your equestrian property, Luma Insights offers more than just immediate benefits. It's a dynamic solution, promising future firmware updates that will unlock additional layers of functionality. This includes the potential for expanded cloud storage, advanced AI features like perimeter protection, access control, and support for third-party cameras. 

How to Get Luma Insights 

With Luma Insights, First Priority Audio ensures that the security of your equestrian facility evolves with the latest technological advancements, providing peace of mind and an unwavering focus on the safety of both equine companions and caretakers alike. So, how can you bring these solutions to your property? 

Luma Insights, the AI camera software, is available as a subscription and is included with the Luma Bridge hardware. Luma Insights is compatible with Luma x10 and x20 IP cameras as well as Control4’s Chime video doorbell. The Luma Insights AI platform is currently only available to Control4 dealers like our team in Wellington, FL. Cloud-based features like remote access, cloud storage, and push notifications require a Control4 4Sight cloud subscription. We can help guide you through the setup process so everything is synced and ready for you to use. 

Ready for Stronger Equestrian Security? 

First Priority Audio installs state-of-the-art surveillance systems for South Florida equestrian facilities. Contact us here to learn more about our solutions today! 

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