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Sharpen Your Home Security with Luma Outdoor Cameras

A close-up on a Luma outdoor security camera installed on the eave of a brick house.

The Latest Smart Features to Protect Your Home 

In the past, home security cameras recorded constant, consecutive videos without interacting with the rest of your security system. If something happened to your house, you’d need to sift through hours of footage until you found something without knowing when the incident occurred. 

Then smart alerts became available, notifying homeowners whenever their surveillance cameras detected motion. But notifications can become unreasonable when the system constantly pings your phone about squirrels on the deck or your own vehicle in the driveway. 

But home security cameras are only getting smarter, and if you’re ready for an upgrade, our partner Luma’s cameras offer more peace of mind than ever. Here’s how Luma’s new outdoor security cameras work and can keep your home safe in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

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Smarter Video Analysis 

Previously, a home security system would send alerts to your phone upon detecting any movement on your property—even if it was just your dog frolicking in the garden.

Luma’s x20 camera series employs artificial intelligence to identify humans, animals, and vehicles and distinguish objects within the camera’s field of view. It can even differentiate non-motor vehicles, like scooters and bikes. 

Within the Luma interface, you can create virtual tripwires that will alert you of specific events. For example, draw a line across your front steps, and you’ll be notified whenever anyone crosses that line. Once you’ve received an alert, you can pull out your phone and check the footage to see who’s there. Video analytics reduce false alerts, making your system more dependable and effective.

Synchronized Cameras & Color at Night 

Reviewing camera footage is now clearer than ever. Luma’s x20 camera series features synchronized multi-channel playback, allowing you to monitor several cameras at once with footage synced by timestamp. Plus, Luma’s cameras can now record color at night, which is quite impressive! Until recently, black and white was your only option for night vision surveillance. 

Enhanced Storage & Connectivity 

Luma’s new NVR (network video recorder) in the system boasts up to 14 terabytes of storage and accommodates 64 channel inputs. That’s a ton! You can connect more security devices to the Luma system, broadening security across your home. 

Compact & Elegant Design 

The x20 series is about 30 percent more compact than Luma’s older models. Its reduced size offers a more refined look and will draw less attention to itself, blending into your home and landscaping. 

Faster Setup with the Cloud 

Luma’s new x20 cameras use OvrC (Oversee), a cloud-based management and monitoring platform that allows technicians to easily integrate cameras and remotely troubleshoot connected devices. This means our team can address any issues in your system remotely and have your system configured and ready to use more quickly. In fact, the cloud system cuts configuration time nearly in half!  

Works with Your Smart Home 

Good news for Control4 smart system users: the Luma x20 series can be seamlessly integrated into your Control4 smart home with added features such as automatic video streams, live thumbnails, and customizable buttons. This means you can manage your Luma cameras alongside audio, video, lighting, climate control, and other smart technologies within your Control4 ecosystem. 

Eager to elevate the security of your home? First Priority Audio specializes in installing and customizing security systems in the Lighthouse Point, FL, area. Reach out to us here to explore our offerings and take the first step today!  

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