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Did You Know You Can Do This with Control4?

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Make the Most of Your Control4 Home with These Automation Ideas 

When it comes to home automation, Control4 is a jack of all trades and a master of all. With a robust operating system and network foundation, Control4 can connect to all areas of your home, unleashing infinite possibilities. 

From lighting to TVs, security cameras to ceiling fans, you can control all your technologies with a C4 system. And when all your systems are synced to the same interface, you can group them together to automate incredible things.  

We could list home automation ideas all day long, but here are many to try in your Palm Beach, FL home. 

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Automate Lights to “Read the Room” 

Control4’s smart lighting knows to change its appearance depending on the time of day. For instance, if you wake up in the middle of the night and walk down the hallway, motion-sensor lights will activate, but only bright enough to guide your way without disturbing your eyes. 

Near bedtime, bedroom lights will automatically shift to a soft, golden hue that’s comfortable for reading. And during the day, if a room’s natural light is less than 50 percent, your smart lights will automatically adjust to 50 percent brightness. If it’s a cloudy day and natural light appears less than 40 percent, the LED lights will increase to 60 percent. Control4-connected lights know what’s going on, so it adjusts the light output accordingly. 

It’s Not a Light Switch; It’s a Music Keypad 

Music is only a button-press away with Control4’s custom wall keypads. Your Control4 dealer can program buttons to instantly connect to your favorite playlists. Whether you press “Classical,” “Rock,” or “Kids,” the respective playlist will start over your home speakers.

Tap a wall button to activate a single audio zone, like the living room, then double-tap again to play it in the rest of the house. Want to turn music off in the kitchen but keep it playing in the rest of the house? Double-tap the volume button in the kitchen, and the music will stop. 

Use Control4 as Your Alarm Clock 

Who likes to start their day with a blaring alarm clock or repetitive phone alarms? Use Control4 to start your day instead. You can tell Control4 to wake you with your favorite music playlist or turn on the TV to a lighthearted show like The Office or Friends. Window shades can rise at your preferred wakeup time, letting in the morning sun, and if you need a more relaxing start, nature sounds will play over the whole-home speakers. 

Home or Away, Keep the House Safe 

Let’s say you pull into the driveway and open the garage door. Landscape and interior lights will automatically brighten, so you aren’t walking into a pitch-black house. If you accidentally leave a door or window open, Control4 can let you know. And with a tap on your phone, you can close the garage door again. 

Even if you’re hundreds of miles away, Control4 allows you to check on your door locks, alarms, and lights with display icons that update in real-time. Going on vacation? Tell your TV, lights, shades, and other devices to activate throughout the day, so it looks like you never left. 

Discover the Magic of Control4 

If you’re wondering, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could do this…?” or “Wouldn’t it be fun to do that…?” Odds are, with Control4, you can do it. As a certified Control4 dealer in the Palm Beach area, we can bring your home automation dreams to life.  

Contact First Priority Audio here to learn more and get started with Control4 today. 

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