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3 Powerful Benefits of Smart Home Lighting Control


Transform your home with lighting focused on you and your lifestyle

Despite the essential role lighting plays in everyday life at home or your workplace, it’s not something we think about very often. Obviously, we all need light to see what we’re doing, but lighting also plays an important role in setting the mood in a space. How a room is lit also helps you highlight or conceal elements within a room.

These factors and more are just a handful of reasons why you should install a lighting control system in your smart home. Today we’ll go through all the benefits lighting control can bring to Florida homeowners in the Plantation region.

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It may be hard to believe, but lighting control can make a sizeable impact on your health. Don’t believe us? A lighting control system offers much more fine control over the brightness and color of your fixtures. With the right programming, your fixtures can mimic the way sunlight changes throughout the day, which helps your body sync with your natural circadian rhythm.

The technology that makes this possible is tunable light fixtures. Smart lighting manufacturers like Ketra and Colorbeam have created “warm-dimming” LED bulbs. With warm dimming LEDs, you can control both the brightness and color temperature of your fixtures. This way, you have many more options for lighting your indoor and outdoor spaces.

As the sun rises in the morning, your lights can gradually brighten for a more comfortable way to wake up. You’ll feel more relaxed and won’t find yourself reaching for the snooze button. Around midday, your fixtures will take on a brighter, cooler tone to boost your energy and help you be more productive. Once the sun goes down, you can ease into relaxation mode with warm, soft glows. Your lighting control system can do all this by itself, thanks to automation technology.


As we noted above, smart lighting control gives you control over how bright your fixtures are and their color temperature as independent variables. Being able to alter these elements individually gives you a wider array of lighting designs to choose from. With the right combination of colors and brightness levels, you can shine a spotlight on certain features, hide other elements in shadow, and generally create more diverse lighting styles.

Smart lighting control also makes managing all your fixtures much simpler. You can operate your lights from your phone, a wall panel, tablet or other device. Once you have everything set the way you like it, you can save the setting to a preset scene and return the lighting to that configuration with a single button press.


Switching to smart lighting control can significantly lower your electric bill. How? By using dimmers to reduce the amount of energy needed to light a room.

According to one report, every percentage point of dimming saves the equivalent percentage of energy needed to light the fixture. In more tangible terms, dimming a bulb by 50 percent reduces that bulb’s energy usage by about 50 percent. In terms of one fixture, that may not sound like much. But when you multiply those savings by the number of lights in your home, you can see how dimming dramatically reduces your energy usage.


Now is the time to see how a lighting control system can transform your home. To learn more, call us at (954) 650-3074. You can also fill out our online contact form or leave a message in the chat box at the bottom of your browser.

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