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Learn All About Smart Lighting & Installations During Our Facebook Live Event

#C4Yourself month is back! For all of August 2021, we’re partnering with Control4 to host informational sessions and showroom tours, demonstrating the magic of smart home living. On August 26th, we’re focusing on Control4’s smart lighting and new custom keypads, shedding light on how they add comfort and convenience to daily life.

If you’re new to Control4 smart lighting and aren’t sure what to expect, we highlight the benefits below for your Wellington, FL home. And to see lighting control in action, be sure to join us on Facebook Live!

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Adjust Your Lights’ Color & Brightness

Are your home’s lightbulbs the ideal color temperature? Most likely not. Our circadian rhythms follow the sun’s cycle across the sky, which means we need both cool lighting during the day and warm lighting in the evening. You’ve probably installed one or the other across your house, resulting in ‘off’ lighting for half the day.

But with Control4 smart lighting, your home’s lights adjust hour-to-hour to replicate natural sunlight. You’ll see bright cool-toned lights in the morning, which will promote energy and alertness. By the afternoon and evening, your lights will warm to a subtle candlelight glow. This will adjust your eyes for relaxation and, eventually, sleep.  

Set the Scene in an Instant

Have you ever sat typing away in the home office, only to realize it’s suddenly become dark outside? The realization can be upsetting, as if the day abruptly ended. But with Control4, you can schedule your lights to turn on and gradually brighten at sundown, gently illuminating golden-tinted bulbs for the evening.

And during the day, you can enhance rooms that lack natural light by programming the lights to shine extra bright at the perfect color temperature. Then, on the Control4 app, schedule lights to automatically turn off after bedtime, saving you both time and electricity.  

Retrofit vs. New Construction 

There are two approaches to install Control4 smart lighting: wired or wireless. In new home construction, your smart home integrator can wire lights to a centralized control system. It’s an excellent opportunity to reduce cluttered wall switches and consolidate them all into sleek keypads or touch screens.

But if you’re hoping to retrofit your existing home, Control4 also offers wireless switches and dimmers that can connect to smart LED bulbs. So luckily, you don’t need to tear out walls and reroute wiring to enjoy the many benefits of lighting control. The only drawbacks of a wireless system are that you won’t have the strength of hardwiring, and you may still have some old switches on the wall.

Control4’s New Custom Keypads

Achieving the “right lighting” in the kitchen may mean dimming the overhead lights, turning up cabinet lights, and choosing a warm color temperature for dinnertime. But what if you could activate that mood instantly? Control4’s stylish wall keypads can include specific buttons like ‘Cook,’ ‘Dine,’ and ‘Entertain,’ so you can craft the perfect atmosphere in seconds.


Don’t Miss Us on Facebook Live August 26th!

If you’d like to learn more about Control4 smart lighting, join us on 8/26 on Facebook Live for a #C4Yourself event. We’ll be answering questions and sharing how smart lighting differs from traditional electrical wiring.

RSVP on Facebook here to be reminded on the day of the event. See you then!

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