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From Morning ‘til Night, Set the Perfect Mood With Smart Lighting


How to Make the Most of Home Lighting Control

When we choose light bulbs at the store, we’re stuck with the brightness and color temperature of the model we select. But certain activities and times of day pair best with different lighting.  

If you’ve ever turned on a warm-hued light in your kitchen during the day, you know how claustrophobic it can feel. But at night while entertaining friends, you don’t want bright white lamps beaming down on you like stadium lights.

That’s where home lighting control by smart technology brands like Lutron saves the day. Read on for tips to enhance your Hypoluxo, FL-area home with the perfect lighting.

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Many Forms of ‘Mood Lighting’

We’ve all been to atmospheric restaurants with a fireplace or tiny candles on the tables. The restaurant owners didn’t light all those candles to help you read the menu—they know that the right lighting will make you feel better and therefore enjoy their business.  

Similarly, our home’s lighting can enhance our moods, and smart technology now lets us control when and how our lights brighten. You can customize your smart bulbs’ brightness levels and color temperatures right from your phone or tablet. Want a little light on while you watch TV? Or moody lights for dinner? In one tap, you can adjust a single room or the entire house.

The Importance of Dimming

Transitioning your lights loses its effect if the process is too abrupt. Your mind and eyes need time to adjust to new lighting, or else you’ll feel slightly unsettled. That’s why dimming is essential for smart lighting. Your Lutron or Control4 system can schedule lights to gradually transition throughout the day, so the change doesn’t shock you.

Multiple Layers of Light

Many homes are built with the easiest, cheapest lighting solutions, which means a multi-bulb fixture or a ceiling fan in the center of the room. We have to live with this lighting every day, no matter if we need more light to read or less for a relaxing atmosphere.

Ideally, you want multiple layers of light that allow you to add and take away brightness whenever you need it. We separate these layers into three categories: ambient lighting (general), accent lighting (decorative), and task lighting (specific).

You can activate all LED bulbs at once from your system’s app or select specific levels. Custom scenes like “Wine Night” will set each group to the right brightness and color for the ideal ambiance.  


If you want to learn more about a home lighting design or are ready to upgrade, contact First Priority Audio here for services in the Hypoluxo, Florida area.  

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