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Why a Smart Home Is a Smart Choice for Savvy Florida Homeowners

Are you still living in last century’s home? Sure, it may be quaint and comfortable, but does it have all the luxuries and features you need? With the latest advancements in home automation, you have every reason to make your home smarter and your life more convenient. By upgrading your Florida home, you’ll enjoy luxurious and seamless living with cutting-edge products that transform your home into a modern marvel. Read more to find out how a Control4 smart home is a smart choice.

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Let There Be Light – Automatically!

Personalize your lights – how bright they are; when they turn off; how they interface with you. When you install a robust, smart light control system in your home, you’ll give your rooms and outside spaces a lighting makeover. Whether you want something as practical as programmable dimmers or more advanced options, such as voice-controlled lights or wireless keypads, your new lighting system is completely customizable to suit your preferences.

But smart lighting is even smarter than you think! For instance, you can personalize your lights to turn off and on whenever you want. With Wi-Fi access, you control your lights remotely as well – no matter where you are in the world. This is an excellent feature to have when you’re away from home. Now that’s a bright idea! 

Smart Security for Your Peace of Mind

Life gets busy sometimes. So, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door, lock the front doors, or turn on the security system. Fortunately, you’ll never worry about those things when you have a Control4 smart home. In fact, your home is always safe and secure – during the day or night, when you’re at home or away, and while you’re sleeping. Your smart system watches over you and takes care of all your security needs. 

It also keeps you informed about the activity going on in and around your home. Get alerts when the kids are home from school, a visitor is at the front door, or an intruder is on the property. You can even set your system to notify you when anyone enters your home. Your security system – the cameras, lights, locks, and even the motorized blinds – are fully integrated so your home takes care of itself and your family. 

Everything at Your Fingertips

The lights, the security system, the TV, the music, and much more! No matter where you are, you can control everything with your Control4 system, even the AC and heat. The control panel has so many capabilities, features, and benefits; yet the dashboard is intuitive, making it easy to use. The learning curve is nearly non-existent. That means you don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate everything in your smart home.


Don’t want to touch it? That’s fine, too. If you’d rather talk to your home, then voice command is ready for you. Effortless, robust, and customizable, the Control4 system automatically responds to your voice commands. It’s almost as though your home is another member of the family.

Do life differently with a smart home. Find out how First Priority Audio, a trusted Control4 dealer and installer, can transform the way you live. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (954) 650-3074, or complete the form on our contact page.






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