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Behind the Scenes: How We Install Control4 Smart Systems


Control4 Integration in a Luxury Florida Home

What is a Control4 smart home installation really like? Ultimately, it depends on the home we’re working on. In new home builds or renovations, like this total home control project we completed in Lighthouse Point, FL, we can neatly run wires through the walls in ceilings. In already existing homes, we’ll get creative with both wired and wireless solutions.

Our home integration team based in South Florida recently completed a stunning smart home project with Control4 technology. The homeowners will now enjoy sophisticated whole-home integration of all their electronics, from smart lighting to in-ceiling speakers.

Check out our Control4 case study below and get inspired for your own Florida smart home.

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Control4 Kitchen

Fiber Optic Connectivity

This Florida home was located on two different sides of a public thoroughfare, but the residents wanted one Control4 integration system. To connect both sides, we ran fiber optic cabling under the highway.

You (most likely) won’t run into this same dilemma, but fiber optic cables offer superior high data transfer rates compared to copper cables. Fiber optics are high-speed network cables made of glass fiber strands. The strands are wrapped in an insulated casing and aren’t much wider than a strand of human hair. Fiber optics use pulses of light to carry communication signals up to 1 gigabit per second. In comparison, copper cables can only transfer rates of 20-300 Mbps per second.

These faster speeds are essential for 5G networks and 4K movies, and in a smart home, they will guarantee a much more seamless experience.

Whole-Home Integration

This Control4 system spans the entire house, connecting lights, speakers, security devices, and more to one hub controller. The homeowners can, on a whim, pull out their phone and press ‘Evening’ to transform the home’s appearance. Or they can walk to a touch screen panel on the wall to turn on a thermostat schedule. With voice control integrated into the system, one only needs to say the word, and the house responds.

Setting User Permission Levels

Who gets to make adjustments and control the intelligent home system? We programmed user permission levels that grant specific capabilities to users with the corresponding password. The ‘Homeowner,’ ‘Captain,’ and ‘House Manager’ users were all allowed different levels of access, keeping security settings safe while eliminating user error.

Join Us on Facebook Live 7/01 to Learn More

Want to learn more about how we install Control4 smart home systems? Join us for a virtual session on Facebook Live on July 1st, where we’ll walk through this project case study and demonstrate all the possibilities for your home. RSVP here to be reminded on the day of the event!

And to get started on your total home control system, contact First Priority Audio here.

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